Gig details: Alison Wonderland to play Oxford Street Party

HER compilation mix is just one of the mesmerising elements of her persona that will leave you hanging for more.

This Alison Wonderland may not have fallen down the rabbit hole but she's clearly in a world of wonder - bringing mystical madness with her every act.

After returning to her home town Sydney after gigs in Perth and Brisbane, Alison jumped on the phone for a run-of-the-mill interview - or so she may have thought.

"Wow that was professional," she laughed after the telephone conference call operator formally put her through to The Observer.

There were chuckles on both ends of the line as discussions were made about the chirpy on-hold jazz music.

The open-minded, party girl has performed in LA at the official Grammy's after party, not to mention being signed a global deal with EMI.

"That was a big deal for me," she admitted.

"It meant that someone had actually listened to my music and they actually wanted to work with me. I felt like that was my favourite label."

I've taken a lot of what I've learnt in Europe and it's helped me a lot with my songwriting.

Alison said in the world we're in now - her DJing and songwriting seems to cross over.

"It's so nice to know that what I do really speaks to people."

And while she has mixed with the likes of Katy Perry and other celebrities, Alison admits that it's not about the stars.

"She was really hot from memory," she said in relation to Perry.

"But that's not the first thing that impresses me when I'm playing."

Alison said she has always been one of those people that haven't compared herself to anyone.

"I'm kind of in my head a lot of the time."

When it came to her own mix - Alison was startled by being called unique.

"I honestly don't like to think as myself as unique - well I think everyone is unique.

"If something really speaks to me that's what I'll put into a song."

She said sometimes people rely too much on computers, especially when it came to her industry.

"There's a lot of sh...y dance music out there - and I can tell it's been made from a formula."

And surprisingly Alison hasn't always come solely from the dance, underground party world, so her knowledge of music was far more diverse than expected.

Her beginning included a stint touring Europe as a principal cellist for the Sydney Youth Orchestra.

"I thought that would be my career,'' she said.

"I really had an amazing time doing that."

But deep down her heart was in another place.

"I'd sneak off and go to punk shows and electronic shows," she laughed.

"So when I came home I had a few demons to fight. But I didn't think the plan was to become a DJ."

Regardless, Alison said her background had helped greatly.

"I've taken a lot of what I've learnt in Europe and it's helped me a lot with my songwriting."

Alison Wonderland has an album of originals in the works.
Alison Wonderland has an album of originals in the works. Contributed

Later, life took her down the path of playing bass in a successful local indie band.

And now she claims rights to her own compilation record, Welcome To Wonderland, with another in the making.

"It's something that I've been working on for a long time and I finally see the light at the end of the tunnel."

With guest vocalists the album is set for success.

Alison said she didn't want to use big name artists but rather friends and those she respected.

While she has performed in front of some massive crowds Alison said Splendour in the Grass was a stand-out.

"To being able to play one of my original tracks - that's a big deal for me. I felt so happy."

But like any person - the nerves are always there.

"I like to hide in a corner," she laughed when explaining her pre-performance jitters.

"I have this weird nervous jump thing and I just can't speak to anyone.

"But when I'm on stage I feel so much like myself and not scared to try anything."

And when she hits Rockhampton for the Oxford Street Party crowds are sure to expect just about anything with her mind-blowing DJ set.

"I really like the line-up. I think it's sick," she said.

Her sets are constantly changing but Alison said people can expect something big.

"The response to my tracks at the moment has been overwhelmingly positive," she said.


  • WHAT: Oxford Street Party
  • WHERE: The Riverbank, Rockhampton
  • WHEN: Saturday December 28
  • TICKETS AND MORE INFO: 18+, $71.40. More at

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