Josh Price from Better Tackle
Josh Price from Better Tackle

This guy’s got the good gear

You may have seen Better Tackle on Facebook, you may have read the blog comparing rigs, giving licencing tips or the best colour lures to use at the right time of year, you may have even purchased some of the hand-crafted flasher rigs available online.

It’s truly a one-stop-shop for any angler looking to get in the know but for Rockhampton’s Josh Price – It’s been a life saver.

Thirteen years ago, while working as a furniture removalist, tragedy struck when a 150kg flatpack fell on his head changing his life forever.

Shortly after the accident, Josh was diagnosed with a rare neurological disorder which drastically affected his nerve endings, and subsequently his mental health.

“The doctors would always say “you’ll get used to it” but I’d always just think “how do you get used to this?” he said.

“Now I don’t even remember what I was like before the accident.”

Josh’s condition often sent him into spates of feeling down and out.

“There’s good days, don’t get me wrong, but there was a lot of bad days,” he said.

He tried working at a bowling alley, and fast food restaurants but he struggled to find an occupation he could do comfortably.

His doctor recommended moving to the mid-tropics during the winter months take the strain off his damaged nerve endings which were sensitive to cold temperatures, so he moved to the Philippines.

Unable to work but feeling better for making the tropical change, Josh began making flashrigs for his mates.

Flasher rigs are not dissimilar to those used by fly-fisherman, but are designed to be baited and dropped with a sinker.

Better Tackle merchandise
Better Tackle merchandise

Josh’s mates were in awe of his creations and told him to consider starting a business, so he did.

“I made up a couple of rigs for a mate and he got back to me and told me they were better than anything on the market,” he said.

His friend ended up handing them around his fishing club and their reactions were just as positive.

Despite winning over his customer base, making a profit is not a priority for Josh.

He is happy just having something to keep him occupied.

“The rigs I make are very bloody good, but I’m not in it to make money,” he said.

“Having this has really given me a reason to get up in the morning rather than just sitting around, feeling like a useless turd.”

Josh’s rigs went viral a few days ago as Youtuber FishingFrenzy landed a 10kg snapper using one of his rigs off a pier in Port Phillip Bay – a feat he described as “unheard of”.

FishingFrenzy is among several notable fisherman and publications keen to work with Josh and his unique rigs.

His tackle can also be bought from Secret Spot fishing shop in Yeppoon.

As well as selling rigs, he dabbles in the world of fishing journalism, frequently posting research pieces and how-to’s on Better Tackle’s blog.

He said starting and running Better Tackle has been the perfect remedy.

“If you can find something you’re passionate about then all your problems and worries just go away.”

“Then if someone recognises the work you do is good, then it really gives you a confidence boost and makes you realise “maybe I’m not useless,” Josh said.

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