Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk will take part in today's March 4 Justice event in Brisbane.

Thousands of women are expected to meet at King George Square today, calling for justice for victims of sexual assault, protesting against violence against women and misogyny.

Marches will take place across the country today, with the Brisbane event beginning at midday.

More than 5,000 people are expecting to march, with the event finishing outside Parliament House where there will be guest speakers addressing the crowds.

Earlier this morning, Ms Palaszczuk said she and other female ministers would be attending the march.

Thousands will take part in the March 4 Justice in the Brisbane CBD on Monday. Picture: Brendan Radke
Thousands will take part in the March 4 Justice in the Brisbane CBD on Monday. Picture: Brendan Radke

She said "more needs to be done" to ensure women's voices are heard.

"After speaking with female ministers in my Cabinet, we feel very strongly about this and we will be absolutely showing our support," she said.

"After Cabinet we will be going down to Parliament House to show our support for a large number of women I think right across Australia who support that more needs to be done to allow women's voices to be heard."

Ms Palaszczuk said the Deputy Premier and Treasurer would also be attending, and that there are no concerns about COVID since the event is outside.

The official Brisbane Women's March 4 Justice Facebook event says the march is inclusive for anyone who wishes to show their support.

"We are an inclusive group and we welcome all who wish to voice their outrage at the injustice experienced by women and all those that are vulnerable," it reads.

"We kindly ask that banners are written with this in mind. Men are welcome but as allies (basically, this is not your day and we don't want to hear "Not all Men" …)

"We are a peaceful protest that is open to families, young children, people with disabilities and basically everybody.

"Any hate toward any group will not be tolerated. We are marching to end the structural systems that benefit and maintain the patriarchy and we all have our own personal and collective reasons for wishing to be involved.

"We welcome all women and all people (except any that seek to silence or oppress). We thank the women and those who have fought tirelessly before us and we march encouraged and inspired by your actions."

Women's March 4 Justice event begins today at King George Square at 12pm.

With rain on the forecast, anyone participating is encouraged to bring a raincoat.

Originally published as Thousands to March 4 Justice in Brisbane CBD

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