Threat, a sign of the times

ROCKHAMPTON business owners Wayne and Judy Keleher aren't rednecks, but they'll do whatever it takes to protect their South Yaamba Rd property from trespassers.

Signs on a gate at their property, north of Rockhampton, warning trespassers and thieves that they will be shot, were featured in a report published in The Morning Bulletin on Wednesday.

The story rallied plenty of support on The Morning Bulletin's website for the couple's right to defend their land.

The signs are perfectly legal despite their threatening messages and Mr Keleher said they were an excellent deterrent.

"When we first moved there 16 years ago there were no fences or proper gates and people could easily roam around," he said yesterday.

"We put the signs up not long after we got there and haven't had any problems since."

The gate is used by five other properties to access their water pumps.

The property also has four motocross tracks which have been used for a number of public motocross events over the years.

"We have no problem sharing the land with our family and friends, but if you're unwanted you'll be stopped at the gate," said Mr Keleher.

After hearing stories from his neighbours Mr Keleher wasn't going to take any risks.

"People think it's their right to just walk on to other people's land," he said.

As well as expensive farming equipment, the Kelehers have dorper sheep which need to be protected.

"That's why we have the sign up about dogs on the property too," said Mrs Keleher.

Mr Keleher said trespassers who came to the gate had a clear choice to enter the property but "if you put your hand in hot water you're going to get burnt".

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