MasterChef Australia contestant Jacqui Ackland.
MasterChef Australia contestant Jacqui Ackland. Channel 10

Three times unlucky for Jacqui in MasterChef exit

JACQUI Ackland found it easy to find the silver lining in her MasterChef elimination.

The mum-of-three was sent home tonight after losing an intense three-round mystery box challenge.

She and her six competitors were given a box of nine ingredients they had to potentially stretch over the three rounds if they didn't impress the judges.

"Obviously it's not my finest hour but I was pretty happy with how it went on the day," Ackland told APN.

"It wasn't a disaster. I was just out-cooked on the day."

Despite nearly earning a spot on the sidelines in round one with her chocolate fondant, Ackland was sent home thanks to a deflated soufflé and overcooked scampi.

She was happy to return home to her daughters Ashleigh (10), Cameron (8) and Mackenzie (5).

"You remind yourself that although your plan was not to be eliminated, life's pretty good on the other side coming home to a beautiful family," she said.

"Obviously I missed them a lot. It was a very, very positive experience to come home and settle back into real life.

"I also kept a bit of a diary so in years to come they can understand what I did in that time (on MasterChef) and that I wasn't away for no reason."

The 40-year-old has scaled back her work as a medical scientists to two days a week so she can continue her professional cooking training in Melbourne.

"I'm free to explore other things," she said.

"I'm doing work experience in a restaurant, Olivigna, nearby and I also did a little bit of work experience at The Piggery.

"I'd like to do dinner events, so I'm working on the logistics of doing things like that."

She tips two of the reality cooking show's quiet achievers as the ones to watch.               

"I'm tempted to keep my eye on the quiet ones like young Reynold (Poernomo) and Ashleigh (Bareham)," she said.

While Ashleigh is experienced at surviving elimination cook-offs, Reynold has only been in one.

"The more eliminations you do the more practice you get with that pressure," Ackland said.

"They do say the people who go a long way are the people who go through a lot of these things. It's extra time cooking in the kitchen and that matters in the end.

 "Reynold's done well to evade those (elimination cook-offs) so far, so he's a bit of an unknown. If he ends up in a pressure test we don't know how he'll go."

MasterChef airs Sundays to Thursdays at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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