TUNE IN: JB Hi-Fi sales coordinator Brandon Harvey with a drone, which is expected to be a hot item this Christmas.
TUNE IN: JB Hi-Fi sales coordinator Brandon Harvey with a drone, which is expected to be a hot item this Christmas. Chris Ison ROK181116ctechgifts1

Tips on gifts for the tech obsessed

WITH Christmas just over a month away, the last-minute rush for presents is revving up in shopping centres all over the country.

But here at The Morning Bulletin, we want to take care of our readers, and for those of you who may be in a jam and haven't got any ideas on what to buy for a particular person, we have got you covered.

We talked to Brandon Harvey, sales co-ordinator at JB Hi-Fi to uncover the top five gift ideas coming into Christmas.

Fujifilm Instax Mini Polaroid Camera

These cameras are a hot item all year round, but are a great idea for a Christmas gift, saying "they're very retro, and have been very popular. They are great to get that instant photo". The mini Polaroid, which starts at $99, comes in a variety of different colours and after running out of photo sheets because you took so many photos of your #delicious Christmas lunch, you can purchase refill sheets for $15 per 10 sheets.

Fitbit Charge2

For all the fitness fanatics out there, the Fitbit Charge2 is the perfect gift to help you keep on top of your New Year resolutions for 2017, with the watch monitoring your heart rate, steps and calories burned. "This item is the most popular one at the moment, especially coming up to Christmas..." he said. The Fitbit Charge2 is pretty good for your bank account, and will only set you back $248.

Nutri Ninja blenders

Fitness is a very "on trend" at the moment, so if that's what you're into than there is something in the Nutri Ninja range for you. "Keeping up with the fitness theme, the Nutri Ninja range are very popular at the moment and prices range anywhere from $44 for your basic model, all the way up to $299 for you top level models," Brandon said.


When someone says drone, if you automatically think of that machine they sent in to look at the Titanic in the movie, you are not alone.

But since the peak of cinematic history, apparently drones have gotten way cooler and can now fly, film stuff on your Go-Pro and even follow you around. Brandon says drones are the biggest selling item at the moment and sales have only been getting better in the lead up to Christmas. If you want to be as cool as that guy in Titanic, you can purchase drones in JB Hi-Fi with prices ranging from $99 to $2199.

Virtual Reality headsets

Another item pegged as being the hottest item of the year is the Virtual Reality headsets, which can either come as an attachment for your smart phone or can be bought separately as a part of a PlayStation. "The VR headsets are a really cool item at the moment, and the PlayStation VR is fully immersive, which is really cool" said Brandon.

For the tech lover in your life, here are the top three items for Christmas.

Samsung A6 tablet

This new tablet is, according to Brandon, a very popular tablet as it is set in a wider screen, which means less strain for your eyes when you binge watch Stranger Things on Netflix.

The Samsung A6 10.1 inch Tablet will cost you $499, and probably your whole weekend once you start watching the latest series.

Google Chromecast

Another gadget to help you stream your favourite shows, the Google Chromecast can be attached to your TV if you don't have a Smart TV (which apparently is a thing!)

"The Chromecast is perfect way to access your favourite streaming services," Brandon said.

Hard drives

According to Brandon, hard drives are always are great go-to if you're stumped on what to buy someone. "They are a great gift idea, especially to store music and photos..." he said. For a 1terabyte hard drive you're looking at a cost of $99.

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