To the lady who hit me and drove away: OPINION

TO the lady who ran into me yesterday, and then drove off.

You don't know me, and you might not even care.

You have no idea what stressors were in my life before you added to them yesterday.

I was driving home from a long day at work in my trusty 13-year-old, second hand black Honda Jazz (I don't have the funds for a fancy new car), heading from our Goonellabah office down into Lismore.

You were ahead of me, and as we approached the Kadina Street roundabout, you stayed in the right hand lane.

Me, a big believer in the 'keep left unless overtaking' rule, automatically moved into the left hand lane.

Directly after we exited the roundabout, you decided you also wished to merge into that lane.

But I was right there.

I thought you had seen me.

However, by the time I was directly in line with you, side by side, I realised in my peripheral vision you were still moving to the left.

I veered slightly at the last second, preventing a heavier impact.

But you still collided with me. I felt my car shake and bump and you mixed your car's white paint with my black.

In shock, I immediately pulled over.

You looked at me as I did - I saw you - and then you drove away.

By the time I realised you weren't stopping, you were too far away for me to register your number plate, or what make or model of car you were driving.

You turned left into DA Olley Drive, so in my blissful belief in common decency, I thought you were coming back.

I waited, and waited. But you didn't return.

So I drove around the DA Olley Drive area searching for you or your car. I didn't find you. So I returned to the scene of the crash again and waited some more.

I guess I had too much faith in humanity.

You never came back, and I was left to get on with my day, knowing that now I have a couple of hundred dollars' worth of damage to two of the panels of my car.

Money that I don't have. Like I said, you don't know me. You don't know what's already going on in my life.

You don't know that after Christmas, this 24-year-old is moving back in with her mother to save money and help me out of the financial situation I'm already in.

I acknowledge the damage is minimal, there's just a dent that needs fixing and the panels will need buffing and repainting.

But it's still a big deal for me, as I'm sure it would be for many.

The worst part is that you didn't take responsibility for your actions, that you didn't seem to care.

All I ask is for an apology, for leaving me there completely disillusioned with our human race.

An apology for the further financial hardship you have just caused me.

For how scared you made me, because I certainly realise this bingle could have been a lot worse (and I'm very thankful it wasn't).

And I ask for you to promise myself, yourself, and the rest of the community that you will be a more careful and aware driver in future.

And to everyone: Be careful on our roads, and take responsibility if you're in a crash.

Don't be the reason that another person loses faith in our people.

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