Tobruk Rat known as great storyteller

ONE of the Rats of Tobruk, Brian Chase of Yeppoon will be remembered as a master storyteller.

Brian Benson Chase died on Friday, September 11, at the age of 89, three days short of his 90th birthday.

A sergeant during his six years in the army, Brian turned 21 while serving in Tobruk.

His five children recall that he never glorified the war, but he was proud of his achievements.

Prayer was very important to him, particularly after losing his best mate, who was killed in El Alamein.

Brian lived most of his life in Rockhampton. Outside the army he worked as a baker for Rickarts Bakery and then went to work for the Commonwealth Bank.

He was strongly involved with the St Vincent de Paul Society and spent time as president.

His children remember every year going on holidays to the Capricorn Coast.

“He took pleasure in simple things, and family was the most important thing.

“We've always known we were loved,” they said.

They remember the hours he would spend playing with his grandchildren, telling them his amazingly creative stories.

Brian and his wife Joan (deceased) moved to Yeppoon eight years ago to live at the Capricorn Adventist Retirement Village.

He suffered a stroke seven years ago.

His funeral will be held today at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in Yeppoon at 10.30am.

It is believed there is now only one surviving Rat of Tobruk in the region.

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