READER'S POEM: Facebook blues

Facebook Blues


SHOULD I be feeling guilty if I fail to click on like

when I'm scanning Facebook pages of my friends.

Do the threats of all the bad luck that's sure come my way

say I don't care if the persecution ends.


If something takes my fancy with a picture or a post

and I answer with a comment from my heart.

Does it mean I'm a crusader or just bored with how things are

Does it mean my world will shortly fall apart?


What protocol dictates the way these things are handled

do I have to like the things my friends all eat?

Why do they tell me all the little things that happen every day

when I try to keep my timeline nice and neat.


Should I click and just delete the things that clutter up my screen

so my own posts shuffle once more down the page.

Pictures of their growing children that I've never even met

things that happen as their family comes of age.


Do they think the same thing as they scroll their page as well

are my posts just boring things that come and go.

Do they even read them ? Do they delete them same as me

Ah well I just suppose I'll never know.

Bob Pacey

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