Constance Hall's children Billie-Violet and Arlo
Constance Hall's children Billie-Violet and Arlo

Toddler's quirky approach to apologising for bad behaviour

THE latest installment of Australia's much-loved drama Queen mother sounds like a scene from a cartoon.

And considering the age of the subject, it is no wonder the script resembles something from Toon Town (see Who Framed Roger Rabbit for reference explanation).

Constance Hall, former Big Brother contestant turn online blogger bearing it all (bad, ugly, disgusting, good, heartfelt) about motherhood, wrote a blog about how one of her kids approach the 'apology to the family' for their bad behaviour.

She starts off explaining how the child stayed up pretty late one night, was up really early the next morning... well, most parents reading this can pretty much guess the rest of that day.

But the quirky part of the story came midway as she explains The Sacred Worm.

As her husband Bill put it "WTF"... which was my first thought reading the post.

"Then all of the sudden, a wrapped up blanket started rolling out of Arlo's room.. Bill looked at me with his wtf? Face. I told to him that this is the Sacred Worm," Constance's post reads.

"Bills face got even more WTF-ish? I explained, "Arlo wants to come back and say sorry to everyone but it's too overwhelming, come on even me and you struggle with that shit, so he has invented this way of coming back that doesn't feel so confronting and I call it the Sacred Worm, when he rolls back in you have to treat the worm like its sacred because vulnerable kids are sacred and I want to encourage him to know that it's never too late to come back without talking directly to him and making him embarrassed. He's giving himself a way out so we need to let him be the sacred worm for a few minutes..

"Still puzzled Bill plays along and says, "Wow that's a cool worm, nice rolling wormy"

"And out popped Arlo, big smile on his face, no embarrassment and this time he actually said the words "sorry mum" and got straight back to life as a rock star.

"It's kind of like when you have a drunken fight with someone at a party and storm off but your friends tell you that you have to come back and you creep back in hoping nobody sees... As a stormer offer I understand that the coming back is way harder..

"If only we had blankets to worm back in with."


Read the full post here:

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