HOMESCHOOLING: Helena Harrold with her children Reuben, Alicia, Levi Joelle and Malachi.
HOMESCHOOLING: Helena Harrold with her children Reuben, Alicia, Levi Joelle and Malachi.

TOP TIPS: Five steps to make home schooling easier

HELENA Harrold is one of many parents who is learning to homeschool her children for the first time amid coronavirus restrictions.

The mum of five has taken it in her stride and said they seemed to be managing well so far.

“Mainly I just focus on the younger two because the older three are in high school and are doing well to manage their classes online,” she said.

“It’s just one day at a time.

“We don’t have any high expectations. We’ll just do what we can.”

Mrs Harrold and her husband are the senior pastors at 3CI Church, Emerald and, although she doesn’t have to juggle a full-time job, she had to put her voluntary work on hold.

“We’re all adjusting to the different routine,” she said.

“I’m used to dropping them off and having those hours to get other things done, but now it’s all different.”

Her eldest daughter and Emerald Christian College school captain, Alicia, fortunately has a desk in her room to save herself from sibling distractions.

“I actually like it, but it’s probably going to be difficult when assignments are due,” she said.

Alicia said the toughest part was not being in the same classroom as the teacher and regularly asking questions.

Queensland Government announced schools would only be open to the children of essential workers for the first five weeks of Term 2, with the measures to be reviewed on May 17.

While many parents and guardians are learning to homeschool for the first time, this is the norm for many families living rurally across the region.

Teachers at Capricornia School of Distance Education’s Emerald campus have compiled a list of tips for parents and students to make things easier while adapting to the new learning style.

Five tips for parents:

  • Don’t stress as you are doing your best under the circumstances and this situation will come to an end and let the teachers worry.
  • Be mindful that technology problems occur regularly so this is normal.
  • It takes time to do things well so don’t expect things to be perfect overnight.
  • Contact the teacher.
  • Celebrate success.

Five tips for students:

  • Dress in uniform.
  • Make sure you have a brain break. Do the class work in small chunks and take a break in between.
  • Do what you know and don’t try to learn anything new without your teachers help.
  • It’s OK to start early and finish early.
  • The learning environment can be outside.

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