Top tips for guys who want to be better in bed

OH to be young and innocent again.

Before the internet was readily available, I remember my only knowledge of sex was somewhere between outdated sex-education movies and the even more outdated adult-entertainment video I had received from my friend.

So much like my mother's reaction when she mistakenly found my friend's video, my first experience was not what I had expected.

A few shared nights have passed since that shooting star experience. I wish I could tell that poor Boy-About-Town a few things about being better in bed.

Everyone wants to be good at sex. For some, that will never happen. I'm no sex god but here are my top six tips.

Pay attention - Listen to your partner. Not just to what she says but how she moves. It takes two to tango.

The most pleasant experiences come from when you are both truly satisfied. Also, pay attention to what you're saying.

It's easy to offend someone when they're naked.

Be brave - Even sex can become repetitive. Have the confidence to try new things. There are no real mistakes, only lessons.

Communication - Sometimes the only way to get what you want is to ask. Not always directly, of course.

It isn't easy but you will find the more open you are about what you want, the more open she will be with you.

Women want sex too - Never forget that and they don't always want it romantic either. Don't just take, give a little back.

After all, what's good enough for her is good enough for you.

No-one's a light switch - You're not always going to turn her on and vice versa. Sometimes it is just bad timing.

It's no one's fault. It happens. Do your best to laugh and move on.

Don't rush. Relax! It is not a race, so don't go "anywhere" fast, unless you're late for work.

You won't always get it right. Sometimes your partner doesn't suit you right away. You have to work on it, but let's be honest, it is hardly work.

If all else fails, maybe take the advice a fellow female workmate told me. "Make sure your partner orgasms. The end."

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