Tourism hinges on difference

PEOPLE want a holiday experience they can talk about at a dinner party rather than just another gadget and tourism marketers need to make the most of this, according to University of Queensland research.

UQ School of Tourism senior research fellow Dr Noel Scott said many people have all the gadgets and designer clothes they needed, so they started hunting around for unique tourist destinations and experiences.

“The tourist destinations need to provide these people with an experience they cannot get anywhere else,” Dr Scott said.

The comments come as Dr Scott prepares to release a book he edited with fellow researchers Eric Laws and Philipp Boksberger called Marketing of Tourism Experiences.

The book covers things such as wine tourism, visits to museums and national parks, design of urban precincts with tourism in mind and inter-cultural experiences.

Dr Scott said it aimed to help tourism marketers appreciate how important it was to sell their destinations as places where people could experience exciting new things.

He said tourism marketing worked best when it evoked the senses and emotions.

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