Diamonds still a girl's best friend

TRADITIONAL anniversary gift customs may date back centuries but many couples today still stick to the age-old rules.

Whether it was paper for a one year celebration, silver for a 25th, or diamonds for a memorable 60 years, Wallace Bishop store leader Tracey Tuckerman said many customers visited the store in search of traditional anniversary gifts.

“It may seem very unusual but there are a lot of people who stick to the tradition...even young people,” Ms Tuckerman said.

She said, in particular, many customers visited the store in search of rubies for their 40th anniversary.

Ms Tuckerman said, while traditional gifts were popular, a lot of customers also just wanted something special to give their loved one on their anniversary.

Her advice to these customers, especially those looking to please their lady, was “diamonds, diamonds, diamonds”.

“Every woman loves diamonds. You’re always in the good books if you take home some diamonds,” she said.

The store leader also recognised that not everyone was buying for their partner.

She said while jewellery items including rings, pendants and earrings were always loved and well-received, the store’s range of crystal vases, beautiful glass sets and photo frames with engravings were also popular anniversary gift options.

And when it came to how much should be spent on an anniversary present, Ms Tuckerman asked “Can you put a price on love?”

She said no matter what your budget, it was always possible to find an affordable anniversary gift.

Wippy Gifts owner Paula Uscanga said wedding anniversaries were an important occasion to celebrate.

“Anniversaries commemorate a special event in someone’s life. The perfect gift is one that relates to that particular occasion,” Ms Uscanga said.

She suggested giving a bouquet, featuring the same flowers as those carried down the aisle, or a bottle of wine identical to the one shared at the wedding.

She said partners celebrating their anniversary should always aim to give each other something meaningful. She said anything that was linked to a special experience or a moment enjoyed together made a great gift.

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