Tricks missed in promoting the A-League

SO there you have it.

The regular home and away season for the A-League is done and dusted, but I can't help thinking the FFA and the powers that be at the A-League have missed a trick when it comes to marketing the game in this country.

The last round could not have worked out any better, in fact, it was a marketing man's dream.Western Sydney Wanderers and Central Coast could have both still won the Premier's Plate depending on results and there were four teams vying for the two remaining finals spots up for grabs.

Now imagine if those games between Brisbane Roar and Sydney FC and Perth Glory and Adelaide United were played at the same time with Newcastle still in the mix at home against the Wanderers.

The crowds have been fantastic all season, so playing the games simultaneously would not have affected those figures, in fact, it could have meant more people would have turned up.

FFA chief executive David Gallop said last week there would be no budging from the rule makers as far as moving finals games to be played at the same time were concerned.

"We're in a competitive environment," Gallop said.

"We need to continue to play our games in timeslots where we get maximum exposure.

"Playing all of our games in one timeslot is not going to do that."

I'm sorry Mr Gallop, but I think you're wrong and you only have to look at the unbelievable climax to last season's English Premier League campaign to realise that.

The drama surrounding Sergio Aguero's late, late goal to give Manchester City its first title in 40 years would not have had the same effect had Manchester United not been playing at the same time.

That day in May will go down as one of the greatest sporting moments ever.

Okay, the A-League finals might not have the same impact around the world as the EPL, but if football is going to compete with the other codes - and it always been a few years behind NRL and AFL - then something has to change.

Imagine if Adelaide had managed to sneak a last-minute winner against the Glory.

If the game between Brisbane and Sydney had been on at the same time, then fans' reactions would have been priceless.

They would have been down on the floor one minute and singing and dancing the next.

Those reactions can only occur if games run together on the final day.

Of course, those tight scenarios don't always work out but at least they are all on the same level playing field.

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