Overseas trip triggers super memories for Supermum

WHEN I first boarded the plane for my latest overseas adventure I didn't have the highest of expectations of what I would do when I got there.

All I was interested in was meeting up with my Superman in South Africa.

But after his ultra marathon effort, running 250km through Madagascar, I wasn't sure he would even be in a walking state, let alone ready for more adventure.

But Superman he is, and I was never more happy to see a smiling face waiting for me at the airport, standing on his own two aching tired feet.

Because I wasn't sure what we would be able to do as his recovery was going on, I didn't do a lot of holiday planning or study of the country.

I packed some clothing and arrived with an open mind. I honestly never expected it to remind me so much of home.

First of all, there was the radio.

Instead of the traditional African music I expected what I heard was Nicki Minaj and The Vamps.

We visited shopping centres with Jay Jays and Cotton On stores in them.

There were the golden arches and KFC signs everywhere.

Everywhere I looked people were dressed in jeans and t-shirts.

Even when meeting my Superman's old school mates, we enjoyed a few drinks with a barbecue - although they called it a braai.

But there were a lot of things I saw that reminded me of how lucky we are at home.

Harry Bruce Supermum September 25, 2014
Harry Bruce Supermum September 25, 2014 Harry Bruce

I took a tour around Johannesburg, and the signs of poverty and high crime rates were clearly visible.

Shopping centre signs stated no cameras, no skateboards and no firearms.

Most of the buildings, including homes and schools, were surrounded by high fences with razor wire, spiked fence posts or electric fences.

Homeowners employ private security firms for protection with clear signage indicating this on their front gates.

There are even signs on the highway warning of high-risk carjacking areas.

While I enjoy the beauty of South Africa, and the exciting adventures ahead, I'm so glad I still call Australia home.

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