CLIVE PALMER: Spokesman dismissed comments.
CLIVE PALMER: Spokesman dismissed comments.

TripAdvisor reviews put Palmer at a low

CLIVE Palmer's Coolum resort has received a hammering from unhappy guests on the world's largest travel website.

Of the 14 reviews written on TripAdvisor in the past week, 10 have given the resort a meagre one-star rating.

NataliaM from Melbourne wrote of a disastrous nine-day stay during the new year period when they were paying "$536 a night for a two-bedroom suite".

"Front door handle fell off - my husband fixed it. The fridge wasn't working - needed replacing. No hot water one morning. Other fridge started leaking water. Sliding door locks, dodgy. Sliding door panels, broken. You'd think spending $536/night you'd get something special," she wrote.

Mr Palmer's spokesman dismissed the comments yesterday.

"TripAdvisor attracts all kinds of unvetted and dubious comments," he said.

"I'm surprised that a respectable publication (the Daily) would rely on this as a source."

TripAdvisor strongly defended its reputation.

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"Nothing is more important to us than the authenticity of our reviews," a spokeswoman told the Daily.

"We have numerous measures to manage the legitimacy of reviews on TripAdvisor, including sophisticated automated tools on the site, a large passionate community of more than 260 million monthly visitors and our team of quality-assurance specialists.

"We know that the authenticity of our reviews is paramount and we also know that our community relies on and trusts our content."

Mr Palmer's spokesman said Palmersaurus had "received very good compliments since last month's official opening, which was attended by the Irwin family", of Australia Zoo fame.

"Numbers to both the Palmersaurus and the Palmer Motorama have been strong over the summer break," he said.

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