Police investigate another violent incident at Rocky shopping centre.
Police investigate another violent incident at Rocky shopping centre.

Trolley boy attacked at Stockland

IT was a trolley boy’s second shift at Stockland Rockhampton, but he’ll never return to work a third.

At 9.30pm on Thursday night the 19-year-old was performing trolley collecting duties when he was set upon by another man.

He claims the attack was completely unprovoked, leaving him with minor injuries.

This attack follows the bashing of a 15-year-old girl last week at the complex by a gang of about 20 teenagers.

The violence doesn’t stop there.

Yesterdayconcerned mother Tania Walker told how her son was bashed by a grouplast year, leaving him with a facial disfigurement.

She chose tocome forward yesterday to warn parents of the serious safety concernsat the shopping centre on Thursday nights and that these attacks werenot one-off incidents.

The trolley boy yesterday did not want to be identified, but his father commented on the incident.

He said attacks like this needed to stop and that trolley boys weren’t being given a fair go.

The teenager made an official complaint with police yesterday and has been examined by a doctor for his injuries.

Mrs Walker’s son Cory, 16, suffered a large cut to his lip when he was punched by a 12-year-old boy on November 19 at 9.30pm.

Cory had finished watching the Stockland Christmas Parade and was on his way back to the complex to meet up with his brother.

He didn’t make it inside.

Mrs Walker said he was approached by a group of people and was punched once to the face.

She said the results have left him with a small speech impediment and he may need plastic surgery in the future.

“He is by no means a regular at the shopping centre and he didn’t know these people,” she said.

“He told me after the attack that he thought he was going to die.”

Mrs Walker said unless the situation was not under control soon, someone would be seriously hurt.

“If I can stop another kid from being in the same situation as Cory, it’s worth it,” she said.

“What’s happening if you can’t even go to a Christmas pageant safely?”

Mrs Walker said she didn’t blame the security or the police as their hands were tied.

Police have confirmed all three incidents are under investigation.

Cory’salleged attacker has been charged with unlawful assault and is due toappear in the Townsville Magistrates Court on February 2.

Those responsible for the other two recent bashings are yet to be caught.

Stockland Rockhampton centre manager Brett Leonard said the centre was helping police with any information they needed.

He said Stockland had 24-hour security on site, with CCTV cameras installed that would help with the investigation.

“Weare constantly dealing with our security contractor and police toensure the safety of our customers and retailers,” Mr Leonard said.

Centre Management was now reviewing all security procedures to provide the best possible security to the staff and customers.

“Weare committed to ensuring that all customers, both young and old, havea safe and enjoyable shopping experience when they come to our centre.”

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