Keith Ian James Stuart leaves Ipswich Courthouse.
Keith Ian James Stuart leaves Ipswich Courthouse.

Truckie filmed abusing mum, teacher in school zone

AN impatient truck driver who lost his temper with a mum in a school zone swore at and verbally abused her.

An Ipswich court heard that the professional truck driver continually sounded his horn, used bad language and gave the mum and a primary school teacher the finger in a rude gesture.

The trailer of Keith Stuart's truck scraped the mum's car when he squeezed past.

But the quick thinking mum filmed his bad tempered antics on her mobile phone in the incident outside Karalee State School.

Police followed up the complaint and charged Stuart with three offences.

When he went before an Ipswich court on Tuesday his behaviour earned criticism from magistrate Virginia Sturgess.

Keith Ian James Stuart, 63, from Barellan Point, faced charges of driving without due care and attention/drive without consideration for other road users on Arthur Summervilles Road at Karalee on Friday October 9, 2020; causing public nuisance at Karalee; and insulting a staff member of a state education institution in the presence or hearing of student in or about the institution.

Defence lawyer Dylan Hans told the court Stuart had not taken his regular medication that day.

He had since completed the Queensland Traffic Offenders Program course.

Magistrate Sturgess said that as a truck driver Stuart would know that drivers do make mistakes, and he himself caused damage to a motor vehicle that day.

"It is very intimidating to have a truck and trailer close behind. She was picking up children from the school," Ms Sturgess said.

"You put your hand on the horn. She didn't want to move forward and you hit her vehicle with your trailer."

Ms Sturgess said he compounded the situation by calling out abuse and by giving both her and a teacher the finger.

"She was entitled to film you. You struck her motor vehicle," Ms Sturgess said.

"You should show tolerance. You were in a school zone.

"You were driving a truck and trailer and by the same token you should show consideration to others."

Ms Sturgess said his behaviour was done in front of children and he too had a young person with him.

"What type of lesson will that teach him in being patient and considerate to others?" she said.

Ms Sturgess said she accepted that he was usually of good character, and it was a shame that he let his impatience and anger get the better of him on that day.

Ms Sturgess warned him to think twice before reacting the next time he encounters a driver who irritates him.

"As one day it won't be a mother out with her children who was intimidated by you but someone who takes you on," she said.

Stuart was fined $800 with no conviction recorded.

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