Don’t feel bad about saying no. Stock image.
Don’t feel bad about saying no. Stock image.

TUESDAY’S WITH JORDIE: Don’t feel bad about ‘no’

There seems to be so much emphasis placed on being a ‘yes’ person that we often overlook the strength and sense of self-empowerment when it comes to saying ‘no’.

Sometimes it really does pay to slow down, consider all options and weigh up how the outcome can benefit us. Then, if we truly feel deep down that something isn’t right or if we are not ready to take a chance on something, it is totally okay to say the one-syllabled, two-lettered word that we are so often afraid to hear and say.


… thanks.

This tiny word has the power to break us free from sinister social shackles, get us out of the corners we feel backed into, push us in the direction we feel is more for us and give us a better chance at experiencing true happiness. Saying ‘yes’ to everything may sound empowering but it is absolutely okay to say ‘no’ to things we know are not right for us to maintain a sense of inner-peace.

We are constantly shifting through life, navigating our way through expectations and responsibilities, trying to find our feet, doing what we can to feel comfortable within ourselves and trying to make the right decisions that can determine our paths. There is always so much going on. We are trying to keep the people around us happy while also doing the right thing for ourselves but unfortunately, it’s not always possible to maintain that balance.

We can still be kind, selfless and reliable individuals, even when we set boundaries. We just need to tune in to our instincts and go with what feels right. If we say ’yes’ to absolutely everything that is offered to us, we run the risk of burning ourselves out and feeling too overwhelmed to be productive or successful.

When we master that art of saying ‘no’ to things we are uncomfortable with or things we know we cannot give our all to, we begin to feel like we are moving in the right direction which will benefit ourselves and others in the long-run. I have struggled with this for years, wanting to be the ‘yes’ person who goes along with everything because I don’t want to disappoint or taking a leap of faith because I caved to something under pressure.

Yet at the end of the day, I am actually letting myself down.

Sometimes we are going to disappoint people and that’s okay. Sometimes we are going to feel bad about saying ‘no’ but sometimes it’s going to be for the best.

It doesn’t even have to be a final ‘no’, just a ‘not now but another day when I’m ready’.

Know your limits and know that ‘no’ is not a bad word. We always have a choice, we know what we want deep down and sometimes it’s the ‘no’ that leads us to exactly where we’re meant to be. Have faith and do not fear the little word that can still make so many big wonderful things happen.

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