Giddy Goat Cafe and Bar.
Giddy Goat Cafe and Bar.

Undercover cop busts 21-year-old supplying illicit drug

A YOUNG man faced court last week after he was charged with suppling ecstasy to an undercover cop nine months after the offence.

Ashley Alexander Kapernick, 21, pleaded guilty in Rockhampton District Court Friday, September 4, to supplying the dangerous drug.

Prosecutor Ryan Godfrey said Kapernick was approached by an undercover Law Enforcement police officer at Giddy Goat Cafe & Bar on April 21, 2018.

Mr Godfrey said Kapernick offered to get four MDMA pills for the undercover officer for $80, asking if he wanted to “get lit”.

The undercover officer said he was keen, and the pair made a transaction in the bathroom around 1am on April 22, 2018.

In January 2019, police questioned Kapernick about the offence. He told them he was at the Giddy Goat that night but did not recall supplying the ecstasy.

The court heard he had no criminal history.

Mr Godfrey submitted a fine or probation for Kapernick, given his “youthfulness, lack of criminal history and low-level nature of the supply”.

Barrister Scott Moon, who represented Kapernick, said he was a young man who was heavily intoxicated on the night in question and couldn’t remember what he had done.

“I accept he has had some exposure to drugs previously, only very minor and moderate, and being charged nine months after was a very big wake-up call,” Mr Moon said.

He said Kapernick was both working and undergoing study at university, “trying to better himself”.

He submitted Kapernick receive a fine and have no criminal conviction recorded.

Judge Michael Burnett noted Kapernick felt ashamed and embarrassed of his actions and had good family support in place.

“Hopefully this can be put behind you and you can move on and do something positive with your life,” Judge Burnett said.

Kapernick was fined $1000 with no criminal conviction recorded.

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