Rockhampton man Robert Martinez
Rockhampton man Robert Martinez Contributed

Underpants and an earring found with Martinez's remains

UNDERPANTS and an earring were found when police dug up Robert Martinez's remains from a Depot Hill paddock in October 2014.

Ian Robert Armstrong and Daniel George Hong have pleaded not guilty to murdering Mr Martinez and Chantal Barnett.

Mr Martinez' remains were found by farm worker Malcolm Cheetham on October 26, 2014.

Forensic coordinator at Rockhampton station, Inspector Adrian Brock, told the Supreme Court in Rockhampton he initially assessed the scene and a two metre by two metre grid was placed over the area where most of the remains were.

"The majority of the remains were on top of the ground," he said.

There was no tissue present.

He said the only indication of clothing was a fine fabric over the pelvic bones - most likely men's underwear.

An earring was also found when dirt was sifted.

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Insp Brock said police dug about 10mm into the ground to recover the remains.

"The upper part of the body appeared to be lying on its back and its right hand bent at about 90 degrees with its forearm above its head," he told the court.

"The left arm was just generally laying by its side about 45 degrees out.

"The left leg was more over towards the right side of the body as if potentially the lower part was twisted compared to the upper part.

"The long bones of the left leg were more towards the right-hand side of the body, however, the right leg itself was scattered outside of the grid."

Insp Brock said there were a number of bones within a 10-metre radius which was indicative of animal activity as the body decomposed over time.

"There was indication that the pelvis was twisted. The spine appeared to be on its back," he said.

"Pretty much the vertebrate was intact and most of the bones were in the rough area of where they should be.

"Obviously due to some predation which is animal activity around that area, there were some scattered out to places where they shouldn't be."

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Insp Brock said further searches did not produce any more items of interest.

Forensic pathologist, Dr Nathan Milne, who carried out an autopsy on Mr Martinez' remains, gave evidence that there were some small bones from his hands and feet missing.

"There were no acute injuries that appeared prior to death," he told the court.

Dr Milne said there was some damage to the ribs caused mostly after death and some fire damage to the bones post mortem.

Burning off activity could explain the fire damage.

Dr Milne said he could not determine a cause of death from the bones.

He did not rule out trauma to the body causing death but not fracturing the bones, or poisoning or drug overdose due to the lack of tissue.

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