Workers Union lacks know-how when it comes to family farming

A FAMILY AFFAIR: Brendan, Nate, Brody, Isleigh and Shontae Moran of Double D Station, Clermont.
A FAMILY AFFAIR: Brendan, Nate, Brody, Isleigh and Shontae Moran of Double D Station, Clermont. Kathleen Calderwood

FARMING is in Shontae Moran's blood.

The Clermont cattle property owner yesterday spoke out about the future of family farming operations after an attack by one of the nation's union heavyweights.

Australian Workers Union national secretary Paul Howes has sounded out the end for "ma and pa farming", telling Sky News' Australian Agenda the industry needed to make way for large-scale conglomerates that could diversify across different states and feed stocks for a sustainable, long-term investment.

But Shontae said it was clear Mr Howes hadn't done his homework before he made the misguided comments.

"So many times corporations have tried to take on agriculture and failed," she said.

"There's a gap between what's happening in office and what's happening on the ground, there's a disconnect that's causing it to fail.

"If you've really got such a strong comment I'm sure there would be more than one ma and pa farm who'd invite you to come and work for a month to actually get some knowledge of the industry."

Shontae said research and development in the agricultural sector had been dropping off, but the different generations of farmers continued to try different things.

Shontae's in-laws drew the block of land at Double D Station in the 1974, and her parents came from a mixed farming background.

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