Unlicensed driver’s near head-on with police

A YOUNG driver who racked up 20 charges in two months almost had a head-on collision with an unmarked police car.

Jarvis Trate Richardson, 23, pleaded guilty yesterday in Rockhampton Magistrates Court to multiple driving unlicensed charges, driving unregistered and uninsured vehicles, and driving without due care.

Police prosecutor Jess King said Richardson was driving a Ford Fairlane west along Port Curtis Road on February 22, about 4pm, when he took a 40kmh S-bend at speed, causing him to cross double white lines and into the path of oncoming traffic.

That traffic included an unmarked police car which had to take evasive action to avoid a head-on collision with Richardson’s vehicle.

Ms King said Richardson also made evasive moves which were unsafe.

When police caught up with Richardson, he had three passengers in the car and no driver’s licence.

Richardson had been disqualified from driving in January 2018, for two years, and had not applied to get his licence back.

Ms King said the car’s exhaust pipe was in the boot, there were no door trims in the car, the driver’s door could only be opened from the inside, and the window didn’t work.

She said Richardson told police he was driving the vehicle to Rockhampton to be towed, but was unable to answer the question as to why he didn’t get it towed from his home.

The registration plates attached to the Ford were for another vehicle and the registration for the Ford had been cancelled.

About a month later, Richardson was busted driving unlicensed again, and again driving an unregistered and uninsured vehicle.

Police were at the East and Morgan streets intersection of Mt Morgan when they heard a motorbike.

Next, they watched a green motorbike come towards them and come to a sudden halt.

Richardson told police he was driving it home.

The bike had never been registered.

Five days later, Richardson was again seen riding the green motorbike on William St at 5.40pm.

He wasn’t wearing a helmet and he was recognised by police as he rode past them in the opposite direction.

“He told police he was bored of the COVID-19 restrictions and wanted to go to Mt Morgan Dam,” Ms King said.

He did have a driver’s licence, but only a provisional licence and only for a car.

Three days later, on April 26, police were patrolling about 6.30pm when they watched Richardson on the green Kawasaki travel down Pattison St, accelerate and turne a corner, losing control of the motorbike.

When police got to the motorbike, Richardson was standing next to it, and he still only had a licence to drive a car, not a motorbike.

“He told police he was riding to a mate’s place when the throttle got stuck and it sped up,” Ms King said.

Richardson had a cracked glass pipe in his bag which he claimed belonged to a friend.

The next time Richardson was spotted by police, on June 21 at 2.30pm, he was driving a white Mazda with no number plate on the front and a number plate on the back belonging to another vehicle.

Magistrate Cameron Press said Richardson could have caused severe injuries or death due to his driving behaviour.

“You’ve got to stop treating licencing regulations with contempt,” he said.

“One suspects you will shortly be before the court for unlicensed driving and facing a prison term.

“You need to adjust your behaviour and change your behaviour immediately.”

Mr Press ordered fines totalling $3650, 12 months’ probation and disqualified Richardson from driving for nine months.

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