Rockhampton stalker who cut victims throat sent to prison

SHANE Timothy Wickham stood trial this week over what Judge Michael Burnett labelled as an "unmanly act".

Wickham, 44, stalked his ex-partner for seven months before locking her in a bedroom and cutting her throat.

A jury heard the facts about the attack on October 4, 2013, during a trial in Rockhampton District Court this week.

At Wickham's sentencing yesterday, Judge Burnett said the jury had no trouble finding Wickham was motivated by jealousy.

"You were staking out her place and knew where she would be. You followed her upstairs and closed the door then held a knife to her throat," Judge Burnett said.

Wickham pleaded not guilty to one count each of burglary, deprivation of liberty, unlawful stalking and assault occasioning bodily harm after he entered the victim's home

Crown prosecutor Alexandra Baker told the court it was a "callous" attack and his ex-partner now lives with fear and anxiety.

"People have the right to feel safe in their own homes," Ms Baker said.

Wickham's defence argued that the acts had been perpetrated under "intense emotion".

The court heard Wickham's ex-partner had told him to leave on September 26 and he didn't accept this, which saw the events unfold on October 4.

The court heard after cutting the woman's throat, Wickham punched her in the face and fled when he heard someone coming.

Wickham has been in prison for 20 months as he awaited the trial.

Judge Burnett said the woman's fear and emotion at the trial was genuine and Wickham "did not demonstrate a great deal of remorse".

Wickham received a head sentence of 28 months in prison with a parole eligibility date of March 1, 2016.

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