AUTHOR: Young writer award winner, Asha Stewart (9).
AUTHOR: Young writer award winner, Asha Stewart (9). Chris Ison ROK021116cwriter1

Up-and-coming Asha shares her wild imagination

EACH day after school, Asha Stewart plays with her sister, does her homework and sits down with a pencil and paper.

The Year 4 Rockhampton Grammar School student loves nothing more than to pen her thoughts.

"Every afternoon I jump on the trampoline and race my sister and if I finish my homework I write up my stories," Asher said.

"It's just to let your imagination run wild through stories and you get to write down amazing things for other people to read," the enthusiastic nine year old said of her passion, which has secured her the win for this month's Young Writer Award in the primary school category.

Asha's story, The Worst School Day Ever!, follows Ben, a "bronze haired, freckly and grinning boy".

A run in with the school bully and a cranky teacher see Ben have trouble indulging in a simple pleasure - eating his double fudge brownie.

"He is just having a normal day and then everything goes wrong and he is getting blamed for a lot of things," Asher explained.

Asher said she does not often write short stories, but instead writes chapter books and has big dreams to author her own series - a project she is already dedicated to.

Asha particularly loves to read the Percy Jackson as well as Wings of Fire series and is currently writing a series called "Hunter".

"One of the chapter books I have been working on is called Hunter, it's about a world that a king is taking over other countries and Jerry is one of the girls from a country that the girl is taking over, and she is set up for an experiment, and during the experiment she is turned into a dragon," Asha explained.

Asha has also received national acclaim for her writing, having been shortlisted among the top 10 primary school students in the national Child Writes competition for her short story.

One of her poems also recently placed second in a competition.

Her mother, Rebecca, said she was very proud of her driven daughter.

She said her paternal grandmother was a painter and passionate writer and she had also won awards for her writing during her high school years.

Asher has already suggested they pen a book together.

Read Asha's winning story below.


Young student walks the school halls.
Young student walks the school halls. Blainey Woodham / TWE

The Worst School Day Ever!

By Asha Stewart

ON THE way to school, a bronze haired, freckly and grinning boy called Ben was jogging along the long, grey and frequently used footpath to school.

"Hey Ben!" shouted a voice that seemed horribly familiar.

Ben sighed and turned around to face Curtiss Benson, School bully and teacher's pet.

"Go away Curtiss," moaned Ben. "I don't have any tuck shop money."

"Really?" asked Curtiss, feigning surprise. "Well then do you have a piece of cake? Or maybe a brownie?"

Ben took off running down the footpath. He could hear Curtiss puffing behind him. The School was in view! Suddenly Reyna and her gang of girls appeared!

"Look what the cat dragged in," sneered Reyna as she tried to grab Ben's bag.

Wasting no time, Ben frantically bolted towards his classroom. Yes! He had made it. Ben took his lunchbox out of his bag and put it into the fridge, his mind still cheering from his small victory. Now, finally, he could gobble down his delicious double fudge brownie.

"Can you please explain why you were running in the hall?" questioned Mrs Quinton, suddently appearing out of nowhere. Ben gulped.

Suddenly, there was a creak from above. Ben and Mrs Quinton gazed up at the ceiling where a sign for recycling was being hung up by senior high schoolers.

"I-" began Ben's reply but he was cut off by a louder creak from above.

Ben studied the huge sign as it came down. Whoosh! Ben though it looked a lot like the bird of paradise from Papua New Guineau.

He focused his gaze on Mrs Quinton who stared stupidly at the sign billowing down. Ben grabbed her by the wrist and dragged her out of the way. The pain landed on the hard ground with a thud!

"Ben Norwell!" screamed Mrs Quinton.


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