From little things big things grow, and cost, and hurt

FROM little things big things grow.

The lyrics to the Paul Kelly song might have originally been about protesting land rights, but they took on new meanings for me these past few weeks.

My first encounter with a little thing was wonderful and magical.

I met my newborn nephew.

Tiny little hands, tiny little fingers, cutest button nose and a shock of hair no-one expected.

It is amazing how a tiny little thing like that can make your heart grow so full of love.

It may be just shy of 11 years since I held my own newborn in my arms, but cuddling my nephew and watching his little inquisitive face, it felt like it was only yesterday.

Now my own little precious bundle of joy is more like a lanky bedroom-dwelling pre-teen with adult-size feet.

From little things big things grow indeed…. And grow…. And grow.

Another little encounter I had last week seemed innocent enough.

I stepped on a tiny piece of glass.

I washed my foot, cleaned the cut, and thought nothing more… but then a day or so on, it still hurt.

In fact, it didn't just hurt; there were times of intense pain.

It seems that little piece of glass was so little it evaded detection and removal.

It's slowly working its way out, but in the meantime I am constantly reminded of one small thing.

From little things, big pain grows.

The final little nail in the coffin, as it were, was actually a roofing nail.

Harry Bruce Supermum January 23
Harry Bruce Supermum January 23


Granted, it is larger than the average nail, but still only a little thing, in the grand scheme of things.

They work great on your roof.

Not so great embedded in your car tyre.

Driving down the road and hearing a thump thump thump can cause a little bit of stress to a driver.

Tyre pressure can have a direct link to blood pressure.

Well it did for me when I discovered that nail.

From little things, big bills grow.

Now I doubt Paul Kelly will be tracking me down to co-write the lyrics to his next greatest hit, but I'm here if he needs me.

Who's to say I couldn't provide a little inspiration?

I've already shown from little things, big columns grow.

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