The way we grow veggies and fruit is getting more innovative by the day.
The way we grow veggies and fruit is getting more innovative by the day. Contributed

Veggies can be grown almost anywhere, with the right system

GONE are the days when we need to own our home to be able to put in a veggie patch in the backyard.

No longer do we have rows upon rows of veggies planted.

Now, they can be planted in small pots, mini veggie gardens, and even old watering cans; left to the elements on our patios, attracting the birds and bees alike (and other roaming animals that creep in during the night).

I'm currently transforming my patio from a boring place to sit in the afternoon when there's a cool breeze into a place where Mother Nature blooms and buzzes.

And with the new innovative garden methods popping up these days, it's probably going to be more economically viable in the long run to grow my own fruit and veges on my patio than to pay the rising prices for the much-needed daily nutritional pieces at the supermarket.

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Just this weekend, 60 Minutes had a segment on innovative gardening.

One guy had a system that used no dirt at all and his fertiliser was fish poo.

He even managed to brush off any 'snub nose' comments at the fish poo fertiliser by referring to other animal manures we are happy to shovel on our gardens to help our plants grow healthy and strong.

The segment also showed a group of people who started a rooftop veggie patch atop metropolitan office building.

Mind you, this was in America and they've been building gardens on rooftops for years.

And now they are considering building high rises solely to grow food.

The ultimate innovative gardening measure was a federally-funded program that grew plants under red and blue LED lights inside a building.

It's pretty awesome stuff that we could be doing now, or at least shortly in the future.

But if you don't have the money to invest in such innovative measures, you can still get involved in growing local, fresh, fruit and vegetables that only has to go a couple of blocks to the dinner table instead of across country in some cases.

There are community gardens popping up around the place and most local councils can provide information on where they are.

But with all these great gardening ideas being publicised, one has to wonder, what secret innovative gardening measures do the average backyard gardener have stored up their sleeve?

Do you have an innovative gardening measure that not many know about? Tell us about it.

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