Samuel Spooner was sentenced to 15 months in jail.
Samuel Spooner was sentenced to 15 months in jail.

Vengeful ex drives car into partner’s house

A vengeful ex set his girlfriend's property on fire and then caused more than $43,000 of damage after he drove into her and her parent's house with their car.

Police prosecutor Phillip Stephens told Caloundra Magistrates Court Samuel James Spooner, 33, was driving his girlfriend's car, a Toyota FJ Cruiser on May 10.

The court heard the victim told Spooner he no longer had permission to drive the car, which was registered to and owned by her parents.

"That cumulated in the defendant driving to the victim's parents house where the victim was staying and drove it into the house," Sergeant Stephens said on Tuesday.

"On the way he made a phone call to the victim, he left a message on her phone indicating he was on the way to her parent's house to commit the offence."

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A recording of Spooner's phone call to his girlfriend was played to the court.

"And you still don't even ring, you f------ gutless f------ s---," he said.

"I'm in the f------ street now, now I can't f----- not do it, can I?

"F--- you, I'm about to f------ drive through your f------ garage c---."

The court heard there was $25,000 of damage done to the house.

Sgt Stephens told the court Spooner then reversed back and drove forward into a car on the property, a LandCruiser, which caused $18,000 in damage.

A motorbike in the garage which Spooner drove into also sustained $1800 damage.

The court heard the FJ Cruiser which Spooner had unlawfully used to drive into the house was yet to be recovered and insurance had paid out $53,000 to the victims for the cost of it.

Spooner pleaded guilty to multiple charges including wilful damage, possessing dangerous drugs and unlawful use of a motor vehicle.

Sgt Stephens said the offending had occurred while Spooner was on bail for setting fire to his girlfriend's property on March 27.

The court heard Spooner purposely lit a 5L jerry can that contained fuel, which exploded.

Emergency services were called to extinguish the fire.

The court heard Spooner had spent 92 days in custody and had limited criminal history.

Spooner's solicitor, Lachlan Ygoa-McKeown, said the behaviour was out of character for Spooner.

"It's an understatement to say he's not proud of it," he said.

Mr Ygoa-McKeown said Spooner had been trying to find the FJ Cruiser since being in custody, but couldn't remember the name of the street.

The court heard Spooner had been dating the victim since 2010 and began living with her and her and her parents in 2015.

Mr Ygoa-McKeown said Spooner began to struggle with increased drug dependency in the past year, before he turned to methamphetamine.

"His relationship deteriorated, they separated, he was under the influence at the time when he made the decision to light her property on fire," he said.

"His behaviour then further deteriorated."

Mr Ygoa-McKeown said Spooner would attend treatment programs upon his release and would have the strong support of his parents.

Acting magistrate Michael Bice told the court they were very serious offences.

"It's quite serious when someone takes it upon themselves to destroy someone else's property," he said.

"You deliberately intended to destroy your previous partner's property and had no concern for anyone else and the impact your actions had.

"You were very lucky that the victims had insurance to cover them."

Mr Bice sentenced Spooner to 15 months jail, with an immediate parole release date.

For the drug charges, Spooner was placed on probation for 18 months.

Convictions were recorded.

Spooner was also disqualified from driving for six months.

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