THE first rule about fight club is that you don't talk about fight club.

But when Rocky locals are bringing the dangerous activity to the council's $36 million river development, it's time to start the conversation.

Criterion Hotel owner, Ryan Turnbull, posted two jarring videos to Facebook on Monday afternoon of a fight which involved two men along the river as spectators crowded around the brawlers.

This fight happened under a pavilion erected by the council to provide shade to families and those wanting to relax along Rocky's riverbank.

"Yes I did call the police," Mr Turnbull said on his Facebook post.

"They came spoke with them ... left ... then 10mins later they moved on ... this is every day."

Criterion Hotel owner, Ryan Turnbull.
Criterion Hotel owner, Ryan Turnbull. Facebook

The multi-million-dollar spend along the stretch is aimed at bringing new life and families into the area.

Work is currently under way on the lower bank section which incorporates a number of family focused activities.

The issue of drunken, anti-social behaviour in the area has long been a problem for authorities.

Joanne Turnbull Smith commented on Mr Turnbull's post saying, "I don't think I've seen a family using the riverbank and it's facilities (as it was intended to be used) for years ... a real shame."

DRUNKEN ANTICS: Ryan Turnbull captured a video of one of the regular fights across from his pub.
DRUNKEN ANTICS: Ryan Turnbull captured a video of one of the regular fights across from his pub. Contributed

Mr Turnbull told The Morning Bulletin that the constant presence of drunken locals across from his pub is affecting his business.

"Probably four or five times a day I've got to chase the people away from coming up onto the verandahs of the pub and going through the ash trays for cigarette butts," he said.

"If there's anyone sitting out on my verandahs having a drink they'll bum for cigarettes.

"They continuously try to come in and use our toilets and this is intoxicated ones, this isn't just the normal run-of-the-mill person ... they're always drunk."

Mr Turnbull said that they usually use the barbecue area directly opposite the pub as a "drunken hangout" or underneath the Fitzroy river bridge.

The Rockhampton pub owner said that in the last couple of weeks police have "shown up once", despite his claims that he calls them around "eight to 10 times a week".

"If I see them down there drinking I'll call the police but they only seem to show up when there's actual fights happening ... the drinking situation obviously doesn't seem to bother anyone because they're down there every day doing it.

"Another thing I put on Facebook: there was an elderly couple with their two grand kids having a sandwich and looking at the river, and one of the drunk ones came and sat at the tables," Mr Turnbull said.

"The family decided to pack up and move on and then as soon as they moved on there would have been about 20 of them sitting there ... I think they're harmless in a way that I don't think they'd hurt anyone, they're just a deterrent ... if you walk into a place where there's a bunch of drunk people and you're not expecting to see them there, it's uncomfortable."

The Morning Bulletin has sought comment from Rockhampton Regional Council and Queensland Police.

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