THIS gives an idea of how dangerous it can be to drive in the wet, particularly when you're doing 100kmh near other drivers.

A dashboard camera has captured a P-Plate driver in a silver Ford sedan driving on the Bruce Hwy southbound towards Brisbane, when suddenly the car veers left, then right, then through a safety barrier.

The driver can be seen going beneath the Morayfield Rd bridge, near Caboolture and south of the Sunshine Coast.


>>How to drive in the Wet


According to the camera, the driver lost control at 9.40am on Monday.

It has now been watched more than 220,000 times since being posted that night..

Although it is unclear what caused the driver to lose control of the vehicle, viewers have been quick to make comment.

Darryl Captain Risky Belcher:
Think old mate in the 4 wheel drive got a lesson on why the 3 second gap is a must.

Roberto Pugliese Simple mistake, drive to conditions. .. I suggest the dash cam owner keep a bigger distance next time! Your tailgating could have made that a worse accident...

Harrison Bate Must be scary hitting the fence on that side if your car continued and then into the other side poor bugger hope he was okay?

Brad Rowe Yet another example of why wire rope barriers are a ridiculous, dangerous addition to our roads. Rather than the impact being absorbed by the traditional armco railing and having the car sliding along it, the wire rope bounces the car back onto the road and into the path of other motorists.

Brad Gulbin This is the problem with only knowing how to drive to the conditions not beyond them. Advanced and defence driving courses should be a must for L players before going to p plates

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