Violent rapist given 10 years jail

RAYMOND Leslie Haynes stood silent yesterday as he was sentenced to 10 years jail for the brutal and public rapes of two Rockhampton women.

Judge David Searles delivered his verdict describing Haynes as a risk to the community if released and with no evidence of rehabilitation.

Crown prosecutor Shaun Gordon argued Haynes’s early plea illustrated remorse for his actions, but Judge Searles was not convinced.

“I am not persuaded by that,” he said.

“Not once did I hear any remorse about the victims and the pain they must be suffering.”

Judge Searles said when making his decision he considered what ruling might serve as a deterrent to Haynes and other community members.

“I’m not confident you will not offend again,” he said.

“You are a predator who preys on young, innocent women.”

Haynes pleaded guilty in Rockhampton District Court on Thursday to three counts of rape, deprivation of liberty and sexual assault.

The two attacks were three months apart, random, violent and left both women emotionally and psychologically scarred.

On January 16, 2008, Haynes, 30, grabbed a 19-year-old woman as she crossed the Neville Hewitt Bridge about 10pm. He dragged her into the gardens area and forced her to perform oral sex on him before raping her.

The Crown told the court the woman pleaded with him not to harm her. After the rape she managed to flee and wave down a passing car which took her to a police station.

In the second attack, on April 24, 2008, Haynes raped a 31-year-old woman in a toilet cubicle at the Cambridge Hotel.

The woman was playing the pokies when Haynes sat next to her and touched her inappropriately, before trying to kiss her.

When Haynes propositioned her she left and tried to take refuge in the women’s toilets, but Haynes dragged her into the men’s toilets, where he raped her.

“He pushed her into a cubicle, pinned her wrists and bent her forward,” said the Crown.

“He had sex with her despite her pleading to stop.”

When Haynes stopped he left her crying on the floor of the cubicle. Police later found Haynes’s DNA on the woman and the toilet seat.

Defence barrister Tom Polley told the court of Haynes’s tough upbringing, in which he spent some time living on the streets.

Mr Polley said Haynes had spent a lot of time in prison, as he had already been convicted of carnal knowledge.

“He is sick of being in jail and said he was getting too old for it,” he said. “He wants to focus on having a relationship with his children now.”

He now has two children – a 13-year-old daughter and a one-year-old son – to two different women.

Haynes has been in custody since his arrest for the second rape and was granted 582 days off his 10-year sentence for time spent in pre-sentence custody.

I’m not confident you will not offend again. You are a predator who preys on young, innocent women

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