Domestic violence silhouette generic image - fist raised against woman./Violence
Domestic violence silhouette generic image - fist raised against woman./Violence

Violent teenage repeat offender released on probation

"HE believes his role (in the relationship) is to control her moral behaviour."

Crown prosecutor Will Smith said this of a young ­repeat violence offender, who had 97 charges on his nine-page criminal history, as the now 19-year-old was being sentenced for assaults ­occasioning bodily harm against his partner and mother of his son and unborn child.

The defendant had spent ­almost eight months in adult prisons for juvenile offences and a handful of minor adult offences, totalling 22, before being sentenced in ­Rockhampton District Court yesterday.

Mr Slack made the comment about the defendant's attitude towards his partner from reading a pre-sentence court report which also showed the defendant demonstrated remorse towards his elderly woman victim of a North Queensland robbery.

The defendant, and his co-accused, robbed a 71-year-old woman in Townsville after she withdrew $200 cash from an ATM.

Mr Slack said the defendant pushed her over and she fell to the ground and hit her head.

On one occasion, the defendant punched his partner in the face many times as they walked home from a party. She fell to the ground and he ­kicked her in the head many times.

While she was at the Woorabinda Hospital receiving treatment, he used a sling shot to damage a glass panel and threatened hospital staff with it. The defendant also used the sling shot to fire a rock at a vehicle just outside the hospital.

He was charged with public nuisance and endangering the safe use of a vehicle by throwing an object for the sling shot incidents, along with wilful damage and assault occasioning bodily harm.

Mr Slack said on two other occasions, the defendant assaulted his partner, she left the house only for him to assault her and drag her back into the house where he choked her.

He also ripped a branch off a tree and struck another female in the leg.

The defendant also had charges of burglary, trespass, breaches of bail, fail to appear in court, stealing lollies from a store in Norman Gardens and a further public nuisance charge.

Mr Slack described the defendant's actions towards his partner as "controlling and over bearing"

Defence barrister Ross Lo Monaco said his partner was the mother of his young son and was due to give birth to a second child in February.

"To describe his childhood as dysfunctional is an understatement," he said.

"He witnessed continuous domestic violence growing up."

Mr Lo Monaco said the defendant also had a degree of immaturity.

Mr Slack said the defendant's criminal history, which started when he was 12 years old, includes punching a school student in the face many times and hitting them in the arm with a wooden broom handle in the Rockhampton CBD, pushing a Drakes staff member and threatening to bite them after he entered a store he was banned from, punching the face of a staff member of a boarding house he lived in as a teenager as they arrived at work for the day, two assault occasioning bodily harms and three common assaults all on boarding house staff, threatened to pour boiling water over two people, striking a carer's hand with a wooden broom, pouring (not boiling) water on another carer after striking an object with a chair and punching another victim in the arm with a clenched fist while holding a butter knife.

Judge Michael Burnett ordered the defendant to 19 months and 17 days detention to serve 50 per cent and declared 296 days presentence custody which meant the defendant was released on immediate parole.

He also ordered the defendant to two years probation and a restorative justice order. No convictions were recorded.

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