Virtually addicted to shopping

TODAY I'm wearing a brand new, super cute little shirt that I sneakily bought online without telling my husband.

In fact, I've been doing that a LOT lately…

See, I don't smoke, I don't drink. I don't do drugs and I wear sensible shoes. I also don't have time to get to the shops very often. But every girl needs an outlet.

Background: Try before you buy key to avoiding frustration

Men, they have their sheds, their mowers. They tinker and they fix things.

Me, I adore online shopping.

The great thing about online shopping is that I can shop as much as I like, and put all the pretty things I like into the virtual shopping bag, then just walk away.

A particularly nasty shop recently accumulated more than $1200 worth of purchases that I didn't buy!

It's a win/win situation.

I get to go through all the clothing, choose the style, colour and sizes I want …and still not really spend any money. Totally therapeutic, as it helps me channel what could be a total mummy meltdown moment into a harmless and cost effect outlet.

Online Window Shopping is what I call it. I can literally spend hours per week pouring through all the shops that I love, looking for the perfect outfit to wear to the Gympie Show (even though it is still two months away).

Then, of course, seeing that I don't know what the weather will be like for the Gympie Show, I need back-up outfits.

Boots are essential. And a new coat. Nice fitted jeans. Long sleeve top that will keep me warm but still looks nice. All gorgeous outfits that I won't buy. Until maybe they come on sale or I can purchase with accumulated vouchers or discounts.

It must drive the owners of these online stores crazy!

Safety: Protect privacy while buying online

I bet they spend thousands of dollars every year on market research trying to find out why so many people shop, then don't buy. But really, you couldn't do that in a real shop.

Imagine rocking up to Big W, picking all the items up I wanted (and I could really do some damage there) - then plonking it on the register and walking away. I'm sure I would be on their wanted list. They would put my face on a poster and refuse me entry again.

I figure that if I do actually hand over my hard-earned money, I must really really really love it.

Or got it cheap - which is how I'm wearing this cute shirt today.

Jody Allen is the Writer for Stay at Home Mum - - Australia's largest online mother's group - based in Gympie.

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