Alison Sealy nominated Absolutely beautiful flowers.... \
Alison Sealy nominated Absolutely beautiful flowers.... \"hubby bought me these for our anniversary\" contributed

VOTE: Who is your favourite florist in the Rocky region?

THERE'S nothing better to brighten up your day than receiving a fresh bunch of flowers.

But who creates the best arrangements, has the best delivery service and best prices in the region?

The Bulletin asked readers last week who their favourite florist was via Facebook.

The post received hundreds of nominations, reaching 19,800 people and was shared 38 times.

Now we offer readers to vote for their favourite out of the top 10 nominations:

Who is your favourite florist in the Rockhampton region?

This poll ended on 11 November 2016.

Current Results

Floral Artisan (Shannon Hawkes)


Glitter Bunches (Jess Mauger Floral Design)


Flower Box


Rockhampton Florist


Tall Pines


Every Blooming Thing


Simplicity Market Fresh Flowers


Lilly and Lotus


Absolutely Beautiful Flowers


Allenstown Florist


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.


What readers said about local florists:

Amy Bird - Simplicity Market Fresh Flowers! They were amazing for my wedding



Amy Bird nominated Simplicity Market Fresh Flowers! \
Amy Bird nominated Simplicity Market Fresh Flowers! \"They were amazing for my wedding.\" contributed

Jeanette Warry -Every Blooming Thing is just the most gorgeous florist - absolutely love this florist. Such an interesting florist and wonderful little items to purchase when shopping at this great florist. So wonderful, so professional.

Tanya Koster - Every Blooming Thing are wonderful, always the most beautiful flowers. Never disapointed

Lana Johnson - Glitter Bunches the most beautiful flowers EVER created!!

Alison Sealy - Absolutely beautiful flowers.... hubby bought me these for our anniversary (see photo at top of story)

Emma Hawkes - Shannon Hawkes floral artisan. I have personally seen the hard work, dedication and thought she puts into her brides flowers and goes above and beyond to source the perfect flowers. Shannon is constantly studying new techniques and puts a lot of research into creating new and beautiful arrangements to make every occasion uniquely beautiful.

Margaret Peers - Lakes Creek!!! Lisa as been amazing and wonderful for all our special occasions over 20 years and more

Jenny Lill - Allenstown Florist. Cliff Bunn woulx bring his beautiful flowers to RTQ 7s Femine Touch programme. Even though I now live in Sydney I continue to stay with the subsequent owners.They delivered beautiful flowers to my Mum for many years .Its great to have the confidence that beautiful bouquets will be delivered even though you are far away.

Juanita Peoples - Shannon Hawkes floral artisan by far! She is such a gem who creates amazing displays and recently donated her time and florals to decorate the CAA ball all for free!! She deserves it not just for her amazing work but her generosity!! Shannon Hawkes

Debbie Daley - Every Blooming Thing in Denham Street. Love your work 

Natika Garden - Shannon Hawkes Artisan Florals is one of the main florists for my bridal parties and the feedback is always 100%. Keep up the amazing work!!

Helen Schultz - Allentown Florist, they do all the flowers I send to my Mum. I live elsewhere in QLD.

Dide Bell - Allenstown Florist, beautiful flowers and very friendly helpful service.

Kerry Sullivan - Shannon Hawkes dedication determination passion always acts for the client and puts the customer first. no greater florist this side of texas.

Diane Preston - Rockhampton Flowers. Absolutely amazing and creative floral work. Congratulations Jenny

Teagan Wex - Shannon Hawkes floral artisan - absolutely amazing.. she did the florals at our wedding and did a sensational

Livvy Lou - Simplicity Market Fresh Flowers!!! For sure and by far!! Great prices, beautiful flowers, gorgeous staff!!! 

McShell Cross - Definitely Glitter Bunches, the flowers last longer than any others I have ever received 

Madelyn Holmes - Shannon Hawkes Artisan Florals and Jess Mauger Floral Design -these ladies do breathtaking work

Melissa Kadel - The flower Box Richardson Road, lyn and the team go above and beyond .

Shannon Hawkes - Oh gosh I just saw this. Thanks everyone :) xox

Jess Flowers - So much love 💞 A huge thank you & big sloppy kisses from Glitter Bunches xxx

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