Pat Walsh
Pat Walsh

Neumann hiding behind PM on same sex marriage, says Walsh

STOP hiding behind the coat tails of Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull on the same sex marriage issue.

That is the message Greens candidate for the seat of Blair, Pat Walsh, had for sitting MP Shayne Neumann after his comments in the QT on same sex marriage.

Hundreds of Ipswichians turned out on the weekend to support same sex marriage at a rally organised by the Ipswich Parents and Friends of Lesbian and Gays (PFLAG).

Mr Neumann, who has previously said he would not vote for same sex marriage in this term, said supporters of same sex marriage should "be pressuring the Prime Minister for the vote because the Prime Minister wants to have a plebiscite and then a vote in Parliament.

"It is a $150 million waste of money to do that."

Mr Walsh was highly critical of that response.

"The way it is reported is that he is saying the supporters of same-sex marriage should be pressuring Malcolm Turnbull, whereas I am saying that it is embarrassing that our elected representative is hiding behind the coat tails of a Liberal Prime Minister," Mr Walsh said.

"He is passing the buck. People in Ipswich want same sex marriage and they want their representative to represent them.

"One of the things he could be doing is to organise a meeting with PFLAG and Malcolm Turnbull to support the case.

"Or he could be making statements in parliament supporting sex marriage and indicate that there is one less person in the no camp."

Mr Walsh said that Ivan Hinton of Australian Marriage Equality had cited figures that show only about 14% of Australians were against marriage equality.

"In my opinion this is basic human rights," Mr Walsh said.

"We need to treat all people in society equally and marriage equality is one small part of it."

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