Walter Reid recovery centre to close, but support still here

A MONTH after Cyclone Marcia hit, Red Cross staff and volunteers are continuing to support the Central Queensland community recover and will be there for the long term. 

With the Queensland Government announcing the Recovery Hub at Walter Reid Cultural Centre will close, Red Cross Executive Director Kevin Keeffe said Red Cross will continue to distribute Power Loss Assistance food vouchers to eligible people at the centre until the close of business on Sunday.

This Sunday will also be the final date people can access the vouchers from the Yeppoon Community Recovery Referral and Information centre at 12 James St.

This Yeppoon centre will remain open though beyond Sunday, to provide other recovery information and support.

"For people who can't get to these two centres by this date please ring the Red Cross Cyclone Marcia call centre on 1800 733 111 as soon as possible. We can work out some alternatives - we don't want people to be worried that they won't be able to access support. There are options," he said.

Red Cross will also continue providing information and support at the Community Recovery Referral and Information Centre at 11 Archer St Rockhampton.

"The recovery process is progressing and over the coming weeks Red Cross will be stepping up outreach services to hinterland communities and ensuring people in smaller centres are receiving the support they need," Mr Keeffe said.

Red Cross, at the request of the Queensland Government, is distributing vouchers - which can be used to buy food, water, nappies and other basic essentials - to those who lost power for seven days and are suffering hardship. The vouchers are for $200 for each individual, up to a maximum of $1,000 per household.

Red Cross teams have been on the ground since Cyclone Marcia first hit, and will continue to be there as long as they are needed. Trained staff and volunteers have provided psychological first aid to those most affected, helped reconnect families separated by the disaster and visited communities to monitor needs and provide recovery information.

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