Want to go from twitless to tweet

BEING a twit, er, I mean by using the social media platform Twitter, I find keeping up with tweets confusing.

For the twitless, a tweet is a comment posted on Twitter.

It is kind of like Facebook, but without photos, games and random quizzes. Sounds boring, right?

Wrong, it can be a great networking tool, but it can also be entertaining and informative, if you understand it.

You have to keep tweets to 140 characters so that means using all sorts of abbreviations.

It is like a whole new language. What I can't work out is how some teens with minimal comprehension of the English language can know all the latest in online jargon.

But thanks to Google, I have the low down on the uploading speak.

(Warning: to read the rest of this column one may need to use the "Twictionary" below).

I am constantly one to LOL and even the others in my office will have witnessed me ROFL. But IMHO there is too much personal stuff being tweeted.

This week I saw tweets on potty training, other bodily functions and thoughts of partners after a fight.

TMI. What sort of relationship do we have that I need to know these things?

JSYN, there are so many options for relationships these days.

We can be BFFs, follow each other on twitter, be Facebook friends or even the old fashioned method of real life in person friends. FWIW, I prefer to do the old fashioned method first, then keep in contact via Facebook. There are some funny things posted on Twitter.

@damnitstrue: My relationship status is like my iPad... I don't have an iPad.

There are also brilliant observations.

@bookgirl96 I think Jesus had a more low-key birth than this kid: Beyoncé & Jay-Z's daughter.

There are even tweets you can put to good use.

@menshumor: It is amazing how many times the words "I need another drink'' have bailed me out of awkward conversations.




LOL: Laugh out loud.

ROFL: Rolling on the floor laughing.

TMI: Too Much information.

IMHO: In my honest opinion.

JSYN: Just so you know.

BFF: Best Friends Forever.

FWIW: For what it's worth.

YGTR: You got that right.

BFN: Bye for now.


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