RGGS  student Sophie Thompson  making a Boomerang Bag.
RGGS student Sophie Thompson making a Boomerang Bag. Chris Ison ROK160217cbags3

WATCH: Creating shopping bags that will always come back

TREAT something like a boomerang and it will come back to you.

Rockhampton Girls Grammar grade eight students are testing out this theory in their home economics sewing classes this term.

Home economics and hospitality teacher Stacey Rodgers is leading the girls in their venture by kick starting a project which will see a reduction in the amount of plastic bags used in Central Queensland.

All while teaching the girls about environmental sustainability and how to sew.

Teaming up with Gold Coast non-for-profit company Boomerang Bags, the girls are sewing their own enviro-friendly bags from recycled material.

Once completed these will be disturbed to shops in the area to be used in lieu of traditional plastic bags.

Each bag has the boomerang logo sewn onto it in the hopes the bag is returned to the shop after it has been used, so it's life as a grocery bag can continue on for years to come.

Ms Rodgers said the program was a first in Central Queensland with Girls Grammar kicking off the practical side of the program yesterday.

"Schools in other areas are doing it but we are the first one in Central Queensland and the girls are loving it,” she said.

"I would anticipate each girl would make five to six bags in the term and they are going to make a bag for themselves at the end of the project as well.

"This is going to be the grade eight project every year, so term one we will be doing this but also I have set up a sustainable sewing club so it's open to anyone from grade seven to 12 at lunchtime on Wednesdays and they come along and make these same bags, everyone getting involved in it.”

Year eight student Sophie Thompson jumped on board the projected and sourced where the bags could be used in Rockhampton.

Sophie always shops at Health and Harmony Whole Foods so she approached them first to see if they'd be interested in taking on the project.

"We know them well because mum and I shop there a lot because of (our) allergies and I told them I had an assignment I had to do,” she said.

"I told them about the boomerang bags and they sounded really interested.

"I think the whole community should join in and take part in this amazing project.”

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