Fire crews coordinate aircraft flying over fire.
Fire crews coordinate aircraft flying over fire.

WATCH: Crews expected to fight blaze through the night

UPDATE 4PM: CREWS will continue working overnight to contain a bushfire burning near Mulgoodoo Rd, Nankin. 

Multiple crews are on scene this afternoon with aircraft also working to control the fire, which broke out around 7.15am. 

Queensland Fire and Emergency Services advises there is no threat to homes at this time. 

However, smoke may continue to affect residents of Arnold Dr, Mulgoodoo Rd and Emu Park Rd this evening and overnight. 

UPDATE 2.15PM: EXTRA crews are being called in to protect homes as 'a matter of priority' at the Nankin/Nerimbera bush fire.

Reports indicate crews are responding to urgently establish a wet line on Arnold Drive.

More updates to come.

UPDATE 1.35PM: FOURTEEN fire crews are still battling a blaze in the vicinity of Mulgoodoo Rd, Nankin.

QFES Station Officer Steve Shaw said the fire was being treated as suspicious as it had started in three different locations.

"We have a wildfire that is suspicious in nature at the moment, three seats of fire are being investigated as we speak," Mr Shaw said.

"We currently have multiple urban and rural appliances on the ground with National Parks assisting as well with two units and we also have three aircraft in the area observing and bombing this area."


Mr Shaw said the blaze as moving around the base of the Nerimbera quarry in the Mulgoodoo Rd area, close to homes.

"It will probably move out to Arnold Drive later in the day," he said.

"Crews are working at the moment to get in breaks. At the moment there are three area a couple of houses on the fire side of those breaks and we have appliances there protecting them.

"Residents should already be prepared for the bushfire season. They should enact their bushfire survival plans and listen to radio and tv for any updates. All advices will be on Facebook as well."


UPDATE 10.15AM: A QUEENSLAND Fire and Emergency Services spokeswoman has confirmed crews are now working to protect a home from the Nankin blaze.

The spokeswoman confirmed seven ground crews were on scene and two aircraft were water bombing.

"The water bombers are helping crews protect a structure," the spokeswoman said.

"The aerial bombers are trying to put out the flames closest to the home.

"A loader and dozer are also on the way to the scene; they are used to construct large fire breaks."


UPDATE 9AM: SIX fire crews and air operations are now working to contain the blaze.

A QFES spokesperson said while there is no threat to homes at this time, residents in the vicinity of Mulgoodoo Rd and Emu Park Rd, Nankin are advised there is a some haze currently affecting the area.

Residents should close windows and doors and if suffering from respiratory illness, keep medications close by. Motorists should drive with caution and to the conditions.

If your home is under threat please call Triple Zero (000) immediately.

Residents should consider taking precautionary measures including:

  • Putting on protective clothing;
  • Drinking lots of water;
  • Moving car/s to a safe location;
  • Closing windows and doors and shutting blinds;
  • Bringing pets inside, restraining them (leash, cage or secure room) and providing water;
  • Wetting down fine fuels close to buildings;
  • Removing garden furniture, doormats and other items;
  • Sealing all gaps under doors and screens;
  • Filling containers with water - eg bath, sinks, buckets, wheelie bins;
  • Having ladders ready for roof space access (inside) and against roof (outside);
  • Having a generator or petrol powered pump ready; and
  • Checking and patrolling outside for embers, extinguishing any spot fires and seeking shelter as the fire front arrives.

UPDATE 8.30AM: FIVE crews are on scene battling an out of control blaze at Nankin.

Two fixed-wing water bombing planes have been dispatched and are expected to start attacking the fire from the air soon.

More updates to come.

BREAKING 7.50AM: QUEENSLAND Fire and Emergency Services and Queensland Rural Fire Service are calling in crews to battle a blaze at Nankin this morning.

According to the QRFS website, a fire broke out at Mulgoodoo Rd, Nankin around 7.20am and is out of control.

Reports from the scene indicate the fire is burning in inaccessible country and is heading straight towards three homes on Mulgoodoo Rd.

Crews on scene have called in extra resources to provide protection for the homes under threat.

More updates to come.

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