REPLAY: Walters, Langer Cup Ipswich SHS vs Wavell SHS


WITH everything on the line this afternoon, Ipswich State High head coach Josh Bretherton sets a positive example for his students.

He knows how the Langer Cup rugby league competition is one of the best schoolboy series in any sport and with that, comes incredible demands on the players.

"They're good kids and even on the back of hard times when you know it's hurting them and stressing them, around each other they are still having a good time and enjoying each other's company,'' he said.

That's why Bretherton has faith in his footballers as Ipswich prepares to tackle competition leaders Wavell State High at North Ipswich Reserve this afternoon.

REPLAY: Walters Cup Ipswich SHS vs Wavell SHS


"Everyone wants to be part of this comp and the boys want to be part of this comp because it is a tough comp,'' he said.

"Every game is difficult. It's supposed to test you, put you under pressure.

"That's why it also produces good footballers, when they come out of this competition.

"Everything we've experienced this year - albeit a little bit disappointing early - is everything that you'd want to get out of a Langer Cup season - which is very tough competitive games, things they have to learn and improvements to be made, and we've played some good football as well.''

After last week's electric 30-12 win over Marsden, Ipswich State High (-8) has a superior for and against record to Marsden (-42) and St Mary's Toowoomba (-44).

"The most important thing is we've got the season back to in our own hands, which we can control,'' Bretherton said.

Today's main game at 4pm is being livestreamed on this website.

The Walters Cup year 10 clash between Ipswich and Wavell at 3pm is also being screened live.

Bretherton hopes his team is peaking at the right time.

"They've had some good sections of games across the year, even back to the Palm Beach (opening match) one,'' he said.

"In periods they did a really good job but what we've lacked is consistency across an entire 60 minute game.

"I feel like last week we went a lot closer.''

He said some errors like goal-line drop outs going out on the full were worked on over the past week.

Bretherton has named the same squad that kept its final hopes alive with such a tenacious effort against Marsden.

"They did the job for us so they earnt the right to be again this week and do it again,'' he said.

Bretherton was also heartened to see his players enjoy their Tuesday morning speed agility session, challenging each other and having fun.

"It's designed to be very fast. It mixes things up,'' he said.

"They get a rest and what they enjoy most is the competitive element out of it because any football at this level likes to be in competition.''


Today at North Ipswich Reserve

WALTERS CUP Rd 5: 3pm - Ipswich v Wavell

LANGER CUP Rd 5: 4pm - Ipswich v Wavell

Both matches being livestreamed right here.

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