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WATCH: Praise for truckie who narrowly avoided serious crash

A TRUCK driver, who narrowly avoided a serious crash on a busy Brisbane road has earned belated praise after footage of the 2014 incident was shared on Facebook.

The video, shared by Dash Cam Owners Australia, shows a large loaded truck driving in the right hand lane along Milton Road heading towards the city.

It goes over a crest and down the other side towards three cars stopped, waiting to turn right into a side street.

The truck driver hits the brakes and swerves to the left, just missing a white sedan in the left hand lane and a set of lights.

It then comes to a stop in the left hand lane on the other side of the traffic lights.

Facebook user Bruce Cannon commented on the footage saying: "Great driving by the truck driver that's gold."

Maddalena Rendina wrote: "Lucky. Everyone around him should buy themselves a lotto ticket. How he didn't hit anyone is amazing."

Craig Beamish posted: "Good on the other drivers for handling it well. Being the ute and the Merc for quick acting too."

Justin Boisen was the driver of the white ute, the last car waiting to turn right at the lights, which pulled out into oncoming traffic to avoid being rear-ended by the truck.

He said: "I was driving the ute. Old mate in front stopped and I saw him coming and was not staying there. It was very f***ing close...but he did very well to pull he up. Tried to call him up but couldn't get him to thank him."

i think he was looking at titties and failed to notice the stopped cars....

Posted by Jason Tran on Tuesday, December 2, 2014

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