A Rockhampton road safety advocate on Monday expressed his frustration with reckless drivers upon releasing a video showing a car running a red light.

The dashcam of Evolution In Training instructor Leyland Barnett recorded a small black car driving through a red light and almost colliding with a truck on the corner of High Street and Musgrave Street on the morning of March 30.

Another motorist driving a different vehicle at another time ended up in court for the same offence: Motorist's behaviour to avoid cyclist cost $507

Mr Barnett recently backed the idea of introducing mandatory prison time for motorists convicted of the dangerous operation of a motor vehicle causing death.

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He said he had observed an increased level of risky driving in Rockhampton, such as that shown in his video.

"It is getting worse," Mr Barnett said. "There's no doubt about it.

"I've had three occasions where we've had vehicles coming at us head-on and the driver was on a mobile phone not paying attention to where he's driving.

"We managed to escape not only by swerving but also by using the horn.

"You'd think the message was getting through to these people that it's a $1000 fine if you're caught using your mobile phone."

Leyland Barnett.
Leyland Barnett.

He said fines alone were "not working" and people needed better driving training.

Vehicles, Mr Barnett said, were "a weapon in the wrong hands".

"Once they see first-hand how long it takes for a vehicle to physically stop it certainly highlights the danger of speed and reckless driving," he said.

"The devastation from impacting something is unbelievable. The vehicle in fact turns into a missile."

Mr Barnett considered excess speed, distraction by mobile phones - which he likened to "putting a blindfold on" - and intoxication the main contributing factors to road accidents and injury or death thereby.

"It takes the average human brain 1.5 seconds to respond to an incident," he said.

"If you're doing 110km/h how much distance have you travelled in one second? It's a significant distance before you even touch the brake pedal.

"Where does it all end? There needs to be deterrent for this behaviour, and whether it's mandatory jail terms where they can sit in a cell or even get counselling or some sort of help in regard to their behaviour that's created that situation, I do think there needs to be something to stop this behaviour before it gets any worse."

As of midnight April 4, Queensland Police had issued 98 fines for drivers and passengers not wearing their seatbelts and 45 fines for drivers using their mobile phones during the Easter period.

Officers also issued 2,038 speeding fines, and 392 drivers were detected to have been drink or drug driving.

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