WATCH: Yeppoon fruit business has record-breaking day

WHILE LAST Friday might have been an average working day for most, it was a record-breaking day at Yeppoon's Tropical Pines.

A crew of around 25 workers packed 100,000 pineapples in one day - the most they had ever done.

Their normal average is around 75,000 per day.

Sales and marketing manager Joe Craggs said it was a great effort by all.

"Most years we get close to breaking a record in January," he said.

"We'd been close to that record in the 10 days leading up to it and pushed really hard that day."


With a dry start to the season, they weren't sure it was going to be a good season.

"When the pineapples were first peaking it was really dry, we thought it might be a tough summer crop," Mr Craggs said.

But the gods provided from above with some rain.

"Now we're handling four to five weeks product in two weeks time from our four major growers around Yeppoon," Mr Craggs said.

Most other pineapple farms down south and around Australia have gone out of production for the summer months but for the Yeppoon area, January and December is their peak.

"Yeppoon is producing 80 to 90% of all the pineapples in Australia," Mr Craggs said.

And in even better news, they still taste pretty good too.

"It's hot after Christmas, pineapples are a great summer fruit so we need to be buying them up," Mr Craggs said.

"There is lots of pineapples out there, lower prices and we encourage everyone to get out there and buy two or three and support local."

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