POLL: Tables turn on Rockhampton's murky tap water

FRIDAY 9AM: IT'S been a murky week for Rockhampton's water colour.

On Monday, after receiving a number of reports from readers that the water quality from their taps was questionable due to the colour, The Bulletin put a poll online asking readers if they were still drinking the water.

Almost 7,700 votes have been cast between 1.35pm Monday and 8.45am today.

At first, it seemed most people were not drinking the region's tap water - according to poll results by Wednesday morning.

It appears the tables have turned.

In the past 48 hours 6,600 votes have been cast, tipping the "I'm still drinking the water" option to the top with an overwhelming 88% of total votes.


Are you still drinking Rockhampton's tap water after Cyclone Marcia?

This poll ended on 20 March 2015.

Current Results

I am still drinking rocky tap water


I have stopped drinking it because of the taste


I have stopped drinking it because of health concerns


I have stopped drinking it because of taste and health concerns


I have stopped drinking it because of taste and health concerns and I want independent testing carried out.


This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

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WEDNESDAY 9.50am: ONLY 18% of voters from an online poll on The Bulletin are still drinking tap water in the Rockhampton region.

As of 9.40am today, 1027 votes had been cast in the poll below, with 43% saying the are waiting for independent tests before they will drink from the town's water supply again, 25% are simply not drinking the water due to taste and health concerns and 8% say they are just not drinking the water.

6am: THE Morning Bulletin invited readers to vote in an online poll about water quality.

The poll attracted more than 950 votes by time of print last night, with 43% of participants saying they had stopped drinking the water due to taste and health concerns and calling for independent testing.

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