WEATHER: Sunday a scorcher in Rocky

WE WERE hoping for more storms over the weekend, instead we got record-breaking temperatures.

Senior forecaster at the Bureau of Meteorology Queensland, Michelle Berry said the temperature in Rockhampton on Sunday reached a high of almost 40 degrees, unheard of in November since 2004.

"Rocky's temperature for (Sunday) has been exceptional just because of the cloud that has cleared,” Ms Berry said.

"We thought it would be cloudier through much of (Sunday), but the cloud cleared off quite early... which allowed a lot of sun to pour through and things got hot very quickly.

"Rocky got up to 39.5 at the airport... which is a very hot day for November.

"It's the hottest day in general since January 5, 2014 and in terms of November it was the hottest day since 2004.”

The Bureau of Meteorology has just released an updated warning for the Capricornia region predicting severe thunderstorms that may produce large hailstones.

Ms Berry said although the promise of a storm has been teasing us, it can't be ruled out.

"In terms of storm activity we are ahead of a trough,” Ms Berry said.

"We've got a very moist and unstable air mass ahead of a trough that lies through the central interior towards Emerald.

"We have seen some showers and storms developing ahead of that feature and that's through the Capricornia district

"It's missed the area (Rockhampton) in general at the moment but it has been very close.

"I wouldn't rule out the chance altogether of Rocky getting at least shower or perhaps even a storm or two through this afternoon and this evening.”

The humidity is set to be replaced by dry air on Monday which Ms Berry said will take Rocky's temperatures down to the low 30s.

"It's still going to be a hot day (Monday), but we'll start to see the humidity dropping out,” Ms Berry said.

"Even though it's still going to be very warm, we're looking at temperatures between 34 and 35 degrees.

"The temperature continues to drop through the week, so we've got 34 expected for Monday into Tuesday about 32 then dropping back to around 30 degrees on Wednesday.

"No storms are expected after today.”

Rockhampton weekly forecast

  • Monday: 22 - 34; mostly sunny with a possible shower
  • Tuesday: 18 - 32; sunny with light winds
  • Wednesday: 17 - 31; partly cloudy with light winds
  • Thursday: 19 - 29 partly cloudy and chance of a shower
  • Friday: 19 - 30; partly cloudy and chance of a shower
  • Saturday: 18 - 29; partly cloudy and chance of a shower

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