Wet behind ears battle long-tooths

RUGBY LEAGUE: The oldies will be skipping their afternoon cuppa and nanna-nap to polish up their dusty old footy boots today.

Meanwhile youngsters will be hitting pause on their iPods and turning off mobiles.

Either way, things are getting serious.

The 13-year war of Oldies v Youngies Rugby League match will kick-off 4pm today at the Emu Park International Sporting Complex.

And with the whole year to brew on the embarrassing loss against the old ducks last year at 50 points to 34, the Youngies have sworn revenge.

But beneath the rivalry and fury between the teams, and behind the expected laughs from the spectators, lies a good cause.

It is an annual fundraising event for the Capricorn Branch of the Cancer Fund, which has already raised $28,000.

And this year the profits will also be split with local schools.

So, if you're planning to come down and watch the oldies tumble around on the grass - leave those forbidden esky's at home and join in on the fundraising cause.

Though the organiser of the event, Jeff Quigley, won't be getting out his footy boots, he is still confident that the youngies won't stand a chance.

“We have a lot of the old former Emu Park players and a sprinkling of Yeppoon former players,” he said.

“We are certainly going to put up a good fight.”

Local Councillor, Brett Svendsen, will also be running rough with the oldies in their attempt to crush the young ones.

“He intends to make a run, and I taught him all I know, so he will do well,” Quigley said.

The footy match will also be accompanied by kid's races, broom throwing, the monster multi draw raffle.

A licensed bar will also be opened, to provide cool beverages to either celebrate the match or drown sorrows.

“We have a rehydration station to keep the fluids up which will be running well into the night,” Quigley said.

“So, there is no need to bring an esky.”

So pick up the remote, turn off the TV, remove your body from your couch groove and drag yourself down to the fields.

It will be a brutal day of generation tension, laughs, and cold drinks.

But being a Gen Y girl myself, I'm going to back the young fellas - don't disappoint me boys.

- Molly McShane

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