SHELBY Newton is feeling the wind in her sails after securing fourth place at the 2015 Australian Open Blokart Championships.

The 14-year-old staked her claims in the light-weight production class, manoeuvring around the roughly eight-minute short-course at Mulambin Beach on Saturday and Sunday.

"It was a really good experience and I'm happy with how I went considering it's only my second ever regatta," Newton said.

"I went pretty well in some races and some not so good, but I'm happy with fourth overall."

The Yeppoon State High student, who was first introduced to the sport two years ago by grandfather Ed Newton, competed across a field of seven competitors

"I was the youngest at the championships but there were three others my age," Newton said.

"I knew one of the boys in my division, we do sailing together, so it was fun just racing each other."

A total of 65 competitors from across the country and New Zealand, took part in the three days of racing.

Event organiser Paul Florian said each class completed a series of rounds in the short-course, pitted against the rough ocean conditions and strong winds.

"The weather conditions were good with a nice mixture of light and strong winds and rain," Florian said.

"The different conditions complemented the championships, making it extremely challenging for all competitors."

In the marathon, held yesterday, competitors sat in the blokarts for two and a half hours, racing on a 2km lap course, which headed north along Mulambin Beach.

Overall winners:

 Heavy Weight Performance Class - J. Rae (CQBC)

 Light Weight Performance Class - B. Smith-Jung (CQBC)

 Middle Weight Performance Class - G. Smith (CQBC)

 Super Heavy Weight Performance Class - E. Smith (CQBC)

 Light Weight Production Class - B. Wooding (CQBC)

 Heavy Weight Production Class - N. Michell (CBC)

 Super Heavy Weight Production Class - B. Masters (SEQBC)

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