Chris Hemsworth in the Dundee Movie Official Trailer 2018.
Chris Hemsworth in the Dundee Movie Official Trailer 2018. Dundee Movie

What our own croc legend thinks about Dundee reboot

CENTRAL Queensland's own son of a legend, Adam Lever, hopes that a potential Dundee reboot could rectify many factual errors with the first two Paul Hogan classics.

Despite Australia's #BringBackDundee campaign for another Dundee movie in the wake of the short online trailers, Mr Lever said his family's Koorana Crocodile Farm is still dealing with the aftermath of the first two movies.

"They're great movies but most of the information in Crocodile Dundee was completely wrong," he said.

"People come in and think a croc is going to grab them and shove them under a log or go for rotten meat or that they can just climb a tree and get away because of the movie."

Mr Lever has been a production manager at his father John Lever's farm for 34 years and has a dire warning for anyone thinking of following in Dundee's footsteps.

"Don't go near crocs, keep your distance and you'll never get eaten," he said.

Despite not having seen the viral trailer, Mr Lever understood the reason why people are so excited for a potential comeback.

"It was an old cult classic back in the day and people still refer to Hoges and Dundee as what put Australia on the map," he said.

"Anything with dangerous animals and Australian attitudes always draws in tourists."

For most Australians, Crocodile Dundee is more than a movie, it's a celebration of our iconic culture.

Although the Dundee trailer - featuring famous Australian stars such as Chris Hemsworth, Margot Robbie and Hugh Jackman - was only released as a tourism ad for America's Superbowl, Australians are demanding that the never-was movie be made a reality.

The stellar line-up in the Dundee trailers alongside American actor Danny McBride are household names for many true-blue Australians, however many of them have jumped the pond and become Hollywood A-listers, leaving behind the Australian movie franchise.

A Dundee reboot could be the very thing to bring the icons back to an Australian-made production.

Sign the petition to make the Dundee movie real.

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