SOME people claim to see Elvis Presley in their potato chip, or Kate Middleton's face in a jelly bean - now Ronald 'Reggie' Meloury has found something uniquely Australian to add to the list.

The self-proclaimed "rock monger" is selling a massive one-tonne rock shaped like Queensland, which he hopes to sell for $1000, including delivery.

"We go around finding beautiful-looking rocks and here is Queensland," he said.

"It's one-of-a-kind from south-east Queensland. It was sitting around on the ground for a while with all the lichen over it."

Does the rock look like Queensland?

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Reggie and his father take their truck with a built-in crane removing unwanted rocks from properties and repurposing them.

"We do retaining walls, rock walls, display rocks, that sort of thing," he said.

"Our rego on the truck has come up so we are hoping to sell a few rocks to cover that."

Ronald 'Reggie' Meloury with the rock he thinks looks like Queensland.
Ronald 'Reggie' Meloury with the rock he thinks looks like Queensland. Rob Williams

Reggie discovered the rock, which is about 1.5m long and 2m wide, while he was clearing land on a regional property.

"We got it in Peak Crossing so it's an Ipswich rock," he said.

"The moment I saw it I noticed it looked like Queensland."

As the Mt Isa-born rock expert said you could see all of the state's major landmarks on the surface of the large stone.

"You can see Cape York, the Mt Isa mine pit is down there. She'd look good in someone's yard or sitting around the pool," he said.

"Ipswich would be around about the lichen because we all "lichen" Ipswich," he joked.

"It's a lovely place to be living."

According to Reggie, the rock is a must-have for those who are truly passionate about the state.

"I'm a Queenslander all the way mate," he proudly exclaimed.

"You need this if you're a true Queenslander."

Those interested in purchasing the Queensland rock can phone Reggie on 0401 842 575.

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